Announcing the Newest Wearable CareCaller™ SOS Wellness Watch For Seniors.

June 22 18:06 2021
Personal help alert company SafeGuardian, LLC recently announced the release of their newest wearable device.

Building upon the success of their industry-leading mobile pendant, the CareCaller™, the SOS Wellness Watch is a revolutionary 4G LTE wearable help alert call button, packaged into an everyday, discreet-looking wristwatch. The SOS Wellness Watch allows independently-living seniors and high-risk patients to continue enjoying an active lifestyle knowing their network of caregivers are just a button press from their wrist away — anywhere, anytime.

The small, lightweight SOS Wellness Watch is a sleek, waterproof digital watch with an HD touch screen watch face. With a built-in microphone and speaker, the wearer can place and receive phone calls and text alerts, while talking directly to a contact through the watch.

“After two years in development, we are delighted to offer the latest wearable technology priced hundreds of dollars less than our competition. A full-featured, self-contained safety and wellness wristwatch that anyone (adults, seniors even children) can be protected. Seniors love because of its large easy-to-read display, one-touch calling and adjustable speakerphone,” explains Thomas Franks, Executive Director of SafeGuardian, LLC

Moreover, the SOS Wellness Watch is loaded with innovative features such as voice alerts, which will alert the wearer during such events as a fall detection, when a phone call has been placed, when the device is low on battery and much more. Because the watch has its own designated phone number, contacts can remotely customize and call into the device, as well as request real-time GPS location, device status and update authorized phone numbers — all with the simplicity of sending a text message. And optional built-in fall alerts with adjustable sensitivity will detect a fall and automatically send text alerts to caregivers.

The SOS Wellness Watch also tracks health metrics in real-time, such as heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and more.

“With the release of this new product, SafeGuardian wanted to ensure that we not only could develop a product that suited the needs of today’s consumers, but also had the foresight to suit the technological needs of future consumers — whether that be the tracking, recording, or reporting of vitals and other biometric data — and I believe the SOS Wellness Watch does just that,” said Sean Holohan, director of marketing and communications for SafeGuardian.

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