High School Football Player Saket Pramod Inspires Fellow Teammates

April 20 00:09 2021
High School Football Player Saket Pramod Inspires Fellow Teammates

Cupertino High School student Saket Pramod has shown interest in team sports since the moment he was old enough to pick up a ball. The game of football has always been thrilling to him, and the only thing that excited him more than watching the pros play was being on the field himself.

One day he plans on joining the pros, but until then he will continue to impress football fans on his high school’s field. Not only is Saket extremely passionate about the game of football, but he is also dedicated to helping his teammates become the best players they can be. When his team works together, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.

Cupertino High School’s All-Star Athlete

Saket has been the player people have had their eyes on since the moment he first hit the field. Even during his first game, Saket’s coach’s jaw was dropped the entire time. He had the whole town talking when he put up a whopping 65 receiving yards and even scored a touchdown.

Even though it was only his first game, his coach knew Saket was the one to take their team to the top. The thing about Saket is he knows there’s no “I” in his team and if he wanted to take his team to go down as one to remember, he had to see the potential in every player on the team.

From day one, Saket always said he knew no team could ever intimidate his crew. Under his lead, each player brings their all to every game. They have gone from the underdogs of the game to the team everyone’s putting their bets on. 

How Saket Took His Team To The Top

When Saket and his team had a big game coming up against the all-powerful Wilcox High School team he wasn’t the least bit worried. Saket was confident that his training and his team’s strength would all come together on the field. Sure, the other team had a reputation for dominating the field, but Saket had faith in his team’s abilities.

To many people’s surprise, Saket wasn’t wrong. Saket shined as he carried his team to victory with 80 receiving yards and over 5 receptions. Everyone thought that Wilcox High was undefeatable, but Saket and his team proved them wrong. After this win, the Cupertino High team had nothing but respect for Saket.

Knowing his team is ready for any challenge and nothing will break their focus, makes Saket proud as a team leader. To see more of what this football star can do, find him on Instagram: @saketpramod1

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