Bestselling Author Releases Anthology Empowering Women to Keep Pushing

April 08 17:56 2021
Bestselling Author Releases Anthology Empowering Women to Keep Pushing
Women are constantly putting a smile on their faces and braving through their everyday lives while living with and holding on to hurt and pain caused by heartbreak, molestation, abandonment, and poor decision making. To help women heal from the shame and embarrassment of traumatic experiences, Seante Y. Glass Flowers and twenty-two other storytellers have released Shenomenal Women: Women Who Gave Up Excuses and Made a Way Through Life’s Most Challenging Times.

BALTIMORE, MD – April 8, 2021 – In Shenomenal Women, bestselling author, Seante Y. Glass Flowers, and twenty-two other inspirational co-authors are authentically sharing their stories of triumphs and victories. Each woman reveals how she made the decision to change her life, embark on her own healing journey, and confront the past choices that kept her in a cycle of distress and disappointment. Readers will see themselves reflected within these pages and gain the necessary strength to unlock their own power and overcome obstacles.

“I gave myself permission to be the fearless woman I am today, and I urge you to do the same. You deserve it. It can be scary because fear has been part of your comfort. Ask yourself, is this the life I want or deserve? If not, step out on strong faith, and it will push you past your fear. When you learn there’s nothing holding you back except you, it changes how you see things and how you proceed in life,” says Visionary Champion.

The topics covered in Shenomenal Women, such as healing, loss, illness, grief, trauma, self-worth, and success will provide readers with the hope and encouragement that no matter their life experience, they can not only survive but also find life, love, joy, and happiness after the darkness. Through the compelling narratives disclosed in this anthology, women will be emboldened to rise beyond any situation and declare victory.

Shenomenal Women gives readers the courage they need to conquer the world on their own terms—fearlessly. “Being fearless doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. It means the fear will no longer immobilize your ability to move forward. It’s about taking action, imperfect action, in spite of the fear.”

Seante Glass-Flowers is an executive chef and owner of Enchanté’s Catering. She graduated summa cum laude from culinary arts school and has received numerous write-ups in the Los Angeles Beat Magazine. She also catered events for rapper Rick Ross during the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend. However, she finds her best pleasure preparing unique and exquisite dishes for small gatherings and intimate parties for her personal clients.

Published by Publish Your Gift®, Shenomenal Women: Women Who Gave Up Excuses and Made a Way Through Life’s Most Challenging Times is now available for purchase.

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