Gooroo Promotes Inclusive Learning Through Online Lessons

December 01 05:58 2020
Leading providers of expert educational resources, Gooroo Courses, helps tons of students across the globe to spearhead their knowledge and skills through high-quality learning solutions

Gooroo have stayed true to their goal of promoting learning for all by providing personalized tutor matches, exceptional online courses, and expert educational resources to as many children as possible. The institution’s learning solutions have come in particularly handy due to the ever-growing problem of COVID-induced fractured schooling and poor educational infrastructure. In a similar vein, Gooroo Courses has stayed committed to helping underserved children by donating one subscription to an underserved community for every purchased subscription.

Thomas Jefferson’s saying that “knowledge is power” reiterates the importance of quality education and knowledge as they are the most powerful life transforming forces in the world. Unfortunately, millions of children in different parts of the globe do not have access to obtain new skills or quality education to advance their lives. Consequently, Gooroo is looking to change this narrative by helping anyone, including underserved children, capitalize on their strengths, enrich their minds, and supply them with diverse learning courses they can leverage anytime and anywhere.

Gooroo Courses is a leading quality education, skill, and knowledge advancing platform featuring countless video learning courses produced by vetted enthusiasts, educators, professionals, and specialists. The platform covers everything from academics to arts and lifestyle interests, with over 1,000 different on-demand, high-quality education courses available.

Gooroo Courses aims to meet the diverse needs of children lacking access to education, regardless of the cause, ultimately helping them to absorb the knowledge required to live their full potentials. The one subscription donation initiative also ensures that subscribers get the best of learning solutions and impact the lives of others positively.

The courses offered by Gooroo are tailored to help students develop mentally, emotionally, and physically. The platform teaches mind-challenging skills like Chess, foreign language, advanced reading courses and contests, poetry, and physical activity, like the trending course “Get Up and Stretch!”

Gooroo Courses is looking to help students, regardless of their location and background, to unlock their full potentials, break away from the vicious cycle of poverty, and live a happier, better life.

For more information about Gooroo Courses and their innovative learning solutions, please visit – Gooroo is also available across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Gooroo

Gooroo was founded in 2015 to provide personalized tutor matches, exceptional online courses, and expert educational resources. The subscription-based educational technology company is an official vendor and partner of the NYC and Texas Department of Education, using cutting-edge technology to solve the problems of a fractured education system to promote quality education for all.

Headquartered in New York, Gooroo has offices in Shanghai and Jakarta, with a team of dedicated and empowerment-driven educators and professionals passionate about giving people of all ages, groups, and levels the chance to prosper.

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