Homeowners Get Their Circuit Breakers Repaired in Orange County

November 30 22:18 2020
Homeowners Get Their Circuit Breakers Repaired in Orange County

The electric panel of a home is like the heart of the human body. The panel receives electricity from the utility company and then distributes it wherever it is needed. With the board of circuit breakers, there is protection against overloads, which could lead to fires or serious electric shocks. When problems begin to arise with the box or circuit breakers, homeowners should rely on the professionals for repairs or replacement. 

Signs of Electric Box and Circuit Breaker Problems

When the circuit breakers of a home are not operating as they should, the dangers of electric shock and fire are increased. It is imperative homeowners can recognize the signs of problems, so they will know when to seek the services of an electrician from S.E. Electrical Services, Inc The following offers insight into some of the signs that will begin to occur. 

  • If the box is overcrowded, this likely means it needs to be upgraded. Homes built today typically have a box that allows for 200-amps of power. Older homes may only have 100-amp boxes. Call an electrician if the box looks messy and too crowded. 

  • Does the panel or the surrounding wall feel warm or hot to the touch? If a homeowner feels any warmth coming from their electrical circuit box, it is time to seek repairs. Homeowners can learn more about these services by visiting https://www.myseelectric.com/

  • Should a person find their electric box has a lot of rust and corrosion, it is imperative they call an electrician right away. When there is corrosion, this means moisture is getting inside the box. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. 

  • Are the circuit breakers tripping often? When problems begin to arise with an electric box or wiring in the home, homeowners will find there is likely an overload problem that needs to be corrected. Visiting https://www.myseelectric.com/about-contact/ will allow homeowners to learn more. 

Call for Circuit Breaker Box Repairs

A breaker box can last between twenty to forty years, depending on its location and the level of maintenance it receives. If the box is over twenty years old, there is a strong likelihood it will need to be replaced. Replacing the electrical box is not a chore for amateurs. Taking a DIY approach should never be advised because it could lead to serious injuries and even death.

Call an electrician today to ensure the electrical box is working correctly. With a thorough inspection of the components, homeowners will learn what is causing the problems in their box and how they can be repaired. It is wise to have an inspection carried out periodically, so any issues can be found right away. If the electrical box in a home is not working properly, the entire system could be at risk. 

SE Electrical Services, Inc. has been proudly serving the residents of Orange County and surrounding areas for over a decade. Their primary goal is customer satisfaction, and they are a family-owned and operated business. They offer expert services and a one-year warranty for their customers.

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