Dash Cellular Repairs Offers a One-Stop Shop for Cell Phones, Tablets, and Computer Repair Services

May 31 16:48 2022
Following the company’s rebranding from Fast Repair to Dash Cellular, the company is looking to become a major hub for all kinds of phone, computer, and electronic devices repairs in the United States

There is an endless list of cell phone, mobile devices, and computer repair companies in the United States. Sorting through the list is downright exhausting and nerve-wracking. Now the search for the best phone repair near me can be over for Americans with Dash Repairs. The electronic repair company is providing excellent services to help people fix their electronic devices with superior customer services.

Accidents happen and when a cell phone’s screen cracks or the electronic device breaks down, it can constitute major disruptions. People rely on mobile devices, computers, and other electronic devices to get by every day. When they become faulty or get broken, Dash Cellular Repairs aims to be the go-to repair company. Dash Repairs is home to a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians, who have undergone series of training and mentorship by the best cell phone and computer repair experts in the industry.

The team of technicians and engineers at Dash Repairs has been through rigorous and intensive trainings in phone screen repairs, water damage repair, battery replacements, and much more. They can handle a variety of repairs, ranging from iPhone repair to iPad tablet repairs to cell phone repair to laptop repair. iPhone repair is arguably the most sought after phone repair service in the United States and Dash Cellular Repairs have experts that can handle any form of iPhone repairs.

Finding quality customer service these days is difficult, but at Dash Cellular Repairs, customers are always satisfied. The company’s determination to stand by every repair is clear in their provision of a warranty for each repair. They provide a price match guarantee with limited lifetime warranty on all phone and computer repairs. Offering a limited lifetime warranty for every repair, these experts provide customers with the peace of mind that their device will be fixed quickly and correctly.

Dash Repairs is located at Eastgate Mall and locations across Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Ohio. The company has plans to continue expanding to other places in the United States with plans underway to set up repair points in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Fresno, Denver, Tucson, Sacramento, etc.

Franchising is also part of Dash Repairs’ offer. The DASH franchise is an affordable lower level investment than other electronic repair franchises on the market. Becoming a part of the DASH franchise involves four easy steps as the company hopes to get qualified technicians onboard as it commits to providing exceptional electronics repair services in the United States.

For more information, please visit https://dashrepairs.com/.

About Dash Repairs

Dash Cellular Repair offers a full range of cell phone, tablet and computer repair services, which include cracked screens, software issues and hardware problems for Apple, Android and every other brand. The company offers top-quality electronics repair services at a competitive price. They have a franchising arm and are committed to offering the best customer service possible.

To learn more, log on to https://dashrepairs.com/about-us/.

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