Viral Social Media Content Creators The Blonde Brewer Expands Projects

May 31 14:39 2022
The Blonde Brewer is set to launch a documentary and upgrade its restaurant production.

The Blonde Brewer, a team of husband and wife content creators Maggie and Jaron Clayton, is gearing to break into the film scene with a documentary centered on their social media journey and rise to fame. Filming is currently underway, with the next stage set in Las Vegas. Not resting on their laurels, the duo also announced expansions of their food and drink business, following huge demand for their unique and tasty beverages.

Best known for their TikTok comedy sketches, The Blonde Brewer found their social media success with a short skit of Jaron roasting Maggie and walking away with the music Gangsta’s Paradise. The skit earned them the moniker Gangsta’s Paradise Couple and brought them to meet and film with the artist behind the song – the American rapper and record producer Coolio. Despite a slight issue at their initial meeting due to the couple’s dog falling sick, Jaron and Maggie were able to meet the artist again to hang out. Coolio has been featured in some of The Blonde Brewer’s skits, making hilarious appearances with straight-faced lines.

The Blonde Brewer’s documentary progress is currently set on their meeting with Coolio and his wife in Las Vegas. The comedy couple welcomes fans to participate in their project, with registrations open through their website.

Aside from their Gangsta’s Paradise skits, The Blonde Brewer is also well-loved for their light-hearted pranks that often end with Maggie accurately targeting Jaron with whatever item she’s holding or Jaron doing his iconic eyebrow raise – or both. Many fans also appreciate the couple’s authenticity, often citing them as couple goals.

When asked what sparked them to post their comedy sketches online, Jaron says, “We started making these comedy skits as another creative outlet for us while our restaurant was shut down because of Covid.”

Before their social media fame, Jaron and Maggie focused their creativity on crafting unique beverages and food items for their business. Now that it has reopened, the couple is expanding their production facilities – adding services and developing new recipes for their loyal patrons.

The Blonde Brewer is active on several social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Their biggest following is on TikTok, gaining over 4.3 million followers worldwide.

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About The Blonde Brewer

The Blonde Brewer comprises the comedic couple Jaron and Maggie Clayton, best known for their Gangsta’s Paradise Skits. While creating content for their social media platforms, the couple also runs a successful restaurant in Oregon.

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