DiamondLock is an Auto Staking and Auto Compounding Protocol in Crypto with the Smart Rebase System

May 30 22:51 2022

DiamondLock is a decentralized financial model with a sustainable compound interest model. The Diamond Auto staking Protocol (DAP) delivers a decent APY, rebasing rewards every 30 minutes, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows investors’ portfolio in their wallet, fast and safe.

How Diamond Auto Staking Protocol(DAP) works:

By simply buying and holding $DML token in wallet, holders earn rebase rewards as interest payments directly into their wallet. Their tokens will increase every 30 minutes.

Using a Proactive Rebase formula, DiamondLock makes actively rebase and interest will be pay distributed directly proportional to the stage of rebasing rewards, worth 0.049% of the total amount of $DML tokens held in investors’ wallet every 30 minutes. The rebase rewards are distributed on each 30 minute rebase period to all $DML holders.

Precise and Safe: Token Diamond is right in holders’ wallet, so they don’t need to deposit, or staking through a 3rd party management, they can freely buy and sell tokens. Their job is just to hold and receive rewards into their wallet.

Quick Interest Payment: The DAP protocol pays out tokens to holders every 30 minutes (48 times in 1 day). This makes DAP have the fastest interest payments.

LOW Risk with Diamond Risk Insurance Bank: 4% of all trading fees are stored in the Diamond Risk Insurance Bank which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.

DAP uses complex algorithms in calculating compound interest to calculate rewards for $DML holders. Diamond Risk Insurance Bank acts as an insurance fund used to ensure the safety of holders, long-term sustainability as well as create stability in the economy of DAP.

Diamond Risk Bank (DIB):

  • Ø “7% – 9% of all trading fees are stored in the Diamond Risk Insurance Bank which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase”

Anti-Whale/ Anti Dump Mechanism:

Banks limit the funds transferred from user accounts to secure their assets. DiamondLock’s withdrawal limit is 1.25%/day to protect many investors of the project against unnecessary dumps.

DiamondLock create a bot that works 24/7 to maintain the base rate and pay interest by $DML token to holders every 30 minutes:

DiamondLock will be one of the pioneering projects in paying the highest rewards for token holders but still bringing absolute safety and initiative to token holders. DiamondLock aims to be the leading project in the future, bringing a large and stable source of income for holders.

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