The Italian Entrepreneur Helping Businesses Generate Revenue

May 30 15:39 2022
Rodrigo Di Lauro, a celebrated Italian entrepreneur, is helping companies around the world to profoundly increase their sales and income with his tried and tested methods.

The number one aim of every business is to generate revenue so that they can remain in operation for a long time. But this is easier said than done as a lot of newly-formed businesses find it difficult to ever break even. Statistics have shown that only 25% of new businesses make enough sales to operate for 15 years or more. Studies further show that “20% of new business fail in the first two years, 45% fail in the first five years, and 65% of businesses fail in the first 10 years.” 

Thus, the importance of sales to businesses cannot be overemphasized. Sadly, most businesses do not know how to turn around their sinking ship to being more profitable. This is why Rodrigo Di Lauro is passionate about helping businesses get sales even in this digital age.

Rodrigo Di Lauro is a seasoned Italian entrepreneur who is best known for creating Life Learning, an online educational platform for online training courses, design and delivery of highly managerial training masters, vocational continuous training, etc. Rodrigo started Life Learning from scratch and, in a few years, has gone on to grow it to a platform with more than 500,000 customers, generating 2 million in revenue. It is this seemingly easy technique of earning income that Rodrigo is teaching businesses worldwide.

Through Closers, his latest company, the serial entrepreneur wants to help companies with lead generation b2b sales. Rodrigo is of the firm belief that companies do not know how to sell. It also doesn’t help that most businesses are in desperate need of assistance in the sales department, a situation that clearly signifies a high demand for Rodrigo’s skills. Thus having studied the terrain, and backed by his experience as a business owner himself, he claims that he has created specific solutions to solve this problem in 30 days, by contract.

In a recent interview, Rodrigo talks about how he ventured into this niche and the motivation that helped him keep at it even when the going was tough. “I started in corporate events to move on to training courses. From there, it was a natural transition to e-learning. I started mainly out of desire for social revenge, this led me to demonstrate that it does not matter the color of the skin, gender, country, culture or the economic situation from which you start. Anyone can conquer her place in the world and achieve unimaginable goals.”

In recognition of his work with Life Learning, Rodrigo was rewarded with the awards for best e-learning company of the year and best CEO of the year. According to the entrepreneur, these awards were a momentous occasion that represents the highlight of his foray into the Italian market. Now, Rodrigo is focused on growing Closers, his second company that is completely digital, and with the mission of helping companies sell.

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