Go Talk Wireless Launches a Privacy Focused MVNO Carrier, Protecting Smartphone Users from Sim Swaps with SafeSim™

May 28 01:09 2022

With Privacy and Security becoming ever more important, Go Talk Wireless is proud to be launching America’s newest MVNO carrier, offering sim swap fraud protection and 99% of US Coverage with 5G capabilities.

Millions of dollars are stolen every year via Sim Swap fraud. Sim Swap Fraud is when a cybercriminal hijacks a phone number and moves it to a new Sim card in their possession.

A users cellphone number allows access to online accounts via one-time passcodes (OTP), which are passcodes used to secure accounts and authenticate withdrawal or payment requests. Once a criminal has successfully moved a number onto a new sim card, they’re just a few clicks away from logging into an email account, bank account or crypto account and authorizing potential transactions.

Go Talk Wireless, a seed funded startup focused on growth area’s in the wireless industry, is a security conscious company that knows just how important digital security is. Featuring SafeSim™, consumers and businesses can rest easy knowing that digital assets and data are protected from Sim Swap fraud. Utilizing multi-factor authentication, along with other security focused partners such as Yubikey, Go Talk Wireless is a smart consideration for wireless services.

Go Talk has also invested in e-sim technology, which is supported by all iPhone models 2018 and above, meaning that new and existing customers can connect their line within 10 mins and do not require a physical sim card.

99% of USA Coverage on Go Talk Wireless means that wireless users will receive great reception across America. 5G is included on all plans as standard, allowing users to get the very best connection 24/7.

Wireless service plans start from $20 a month and include all the security features as standard. Business wireless plans start at $25 and include dedicated business account management.

Users can find Go Talk’s Consumer and Business plans via https://gotalkwireless.com

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