Zondra TV Network Announces Debut of Riveting New Series, ‘Just One Word,’ Featuring Bestselling Author Dr. Francisca Etuokwu-Benyeogor

May 28 00:15 2022

Dallas, TX, USA – May 27, 2022 – Woman of Grace, servant leader, humanitarian, and award-winning author, Dr. Francisca Etuokwu-Benyeogor, is thrilled to announce the launch of her new show on Zondra TV Network, “Just One Word”.

“The show is based on three scriptures: Psalm 68:11; Psalm 107:20; Isaiah 9:8,” explains host Dr. Francisca. “Our show was born out of the passion for a movement to awaken and inspire people. Remember, just one Word from God can turn the trajectory of your life!”

The show’s core objective is to reach men and women who are hurting, stuck, betrayed, lost, and lack direction to bring them to a place of healing, hope, victory, peace, faith, and restoration using the Word of God.

The journey with God is by faith. It’s absolute trust in Him without wavering. “Our encountering Him via His Word ignites a total transformation of who we are and everything around us into what He wants us to be,” said Dr. Francisca.

Dr. Francisca is the bestselling author of the award-winning book ‘The Waiting Game: When God Stops the Clock.’ Online instructor and contributing editor of “Relationship Improvement and Transformational Leadership Management Course”. A community advocate, in partnership with the University of North Texas, Dallas (UNT), for experiential learning opportunities. Additionally, she is an Apostle, Founder/Visionary of Armor of God Healing Ministries with the mission and vision to help, heal and restore hope to the believer; and the mandate to impact lives with the transforming word of God.

Her ministry provides scholarships to underserved students and orphans. She was a two-time Reader’s Choice Award Recipient at the 2021 Christian Literary Awards for her book, The Waiting Game: When God Stops the Clock, and she has been featured in the Inspiring Stories series in The Voyage Dallas Magazine as a guest speaker in conferences and other media platforms.

“Just One Word” premieres on Zondra TV Network later this year. Learn more about Dr. Francisca and her ministries at www.aoghm.org.

About Dr. Francisca Etuokwu-Benyeogor

Dr. Francisca Etuokwu-Benyeogor is a minister, wife, author, conference host, intercessor, revivalist, Chaplin, mentor, coach, and visionary who shares the Word of God with global impact. An anointed and ordained servant of God, she was called to ministry in 1999 after a divine encounter with the Lord, “I have anointed thee today” (Revelation 1:10; Psalm 19:2; 89:20).

In 2012, “Come out of the boat and walk on water” (Matthew 14:22-23) became her break forth word. She is anointed to release healing, restoration, and transformation by preaching and teaching God’s Word to impact generations through the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 60:1-3,4-22; 61; Revelation.22:2).

She is a woman of grace, impact, and purpose, transforming lives globally with the word of God through radio, podcast, live-streaming television, speaking engagement, coordinating a variety of gospel missions and programs, coaching, and mentoring.

Dr. Francisca Etuokwu-Benyeogor resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, Jude Benyeogor. God has blessed their union with talented and beautiful children.

Her motto is to awaken your faith and believe in yourself because all things are possible to the one who believes and trusts God!

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