Elk Grove Tree Service Experts Uses Emergency Tree Removal to Save Client’s Home from Damage

May 27 23:54 2022


Elk Grove, California – Earlier today, Elk Grove Tree Service Experts helped a homeowner outside Elk Grove avoid spending thousands of dollars on property repairs. The homeowner—Mr. Elvis—called the company at around 2 am looking for help with a tree that was leaning dangerously over his roof.


“Elk Grove Tree Service Experts has always known that tree emergencies require immediate attention,” said the company’s CEO. “Therefore, when Elvis called the company’s office looking for help with his storm-damaged tree, the company knew that it had to act quick. Even though it was in the middle of the night, the company decided to take care of the customer’s needs.”

Reporters asked the CEO whether his company has always handled emergency tree removal procedures in the middle of the night. The CEO confirmed that his company has always offered 24/7 emergency tree service. He added that his company always puts a lot of focus on arriving at the emergency site less than an hour after receiving a tree service request.

For more information on how Elk Grove Tree Service Experts handle emergency tree services, visit the company’s website: https://www.treeservicecalifornia.com/tree-service-elk-grove/.

“The company’s emergency tree removal team in Elk Grove arrived on Mr. Elvis’s landscape at around 2:45 am,” said the CEO. “The reason why the company’s team took 45 minutes is that the distance between the company’s offices and Elvis’s home was quite significant—while the company’s offices are located within the boundaries of Elk Grove, Elvis’s home sits in a suburb known as Laguna West.”

On arriving on Elvis’s landscape, Elk Grove Tree Service Experts inspected the risky tree and realized that it was relying on several smaller trees that had been supporting it and keeping it from dropping on the house.

“The first step in removing the risky tree involved relieving the pressure that the damaged tree was putting on the smaller trees,” said the Elk Grove Tree Service Experts CEO. “After all, the tree was killing the smaller trees. The company was not willing to let any more trees die on Elvis’s landscape.”

The company reportedly used a crane to lift the leaning tree off the smaller trees. The crane operator changed the tree’s lean direction, aligning it with a space that could have accommodated it when it finally came down.

“With the risk of property and tree damage eliminated,” said the company’s CEO, “the next step involved just cutting the tree at the base and then bringing it down slowly. Armed with advanced tree cutting machines, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Elk Grove took less than 30 minutes to cut through the tree’s huge trunk.”

After cutting the tree down, Elk Grove Tree Service Experts reportedly asked Elvis if he was planning on replacing the tree. The goal of asking this question was to determine whether to grind the tree stump for safety purposes or just remove the tree stump completely to create room for a new tree.

“The homeowner confirmed that he intended to plant a new tree on the landscape,” said the Elk Grove Tree Service Experts CEO. “The team had already brought a stump removal tool and immediately went to work on the tree stump. About an hour later, the stump together with its roots had been removed.”

Reporters contacted Elvis to see if he enjoyed his experience working with Elk Grove Tree Service Experts. The homeowner was more than happy to report that the company had exceeded his expectations. He told the reporters that the company did not just save his home from damage—the company also charged him an affordable fee and cleaned the landscape after the emergency tree removal procedure.

Elk Grove Tree Service Experts is currently operating from its base which is located at 9914 Kent St, Elk Grove, CA 95624, United States. The company’s CEO notes that homeowners can reach the customer support department by dialing +1 916-579-7241 or sending an email to [email protected]

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