Doge Protocol launches second quantum-resistant Testnet with smart contracts and Tokens

May 27 23:42 2022
Riding on the launch of Testnet T1, Doge Protocol became one of the trailblazer blockchains to support smart contracts, tokens along with quantum resistance support.

Tallinn, Estonia – May 27, 2022 – Doge Protocol is all set to welcome summer on a glorious note. The next-gen blockchain platform is pleased to announce that it has recently launched its second Testnet (code-named T1) blockchain backed by quantum resistance support- along with Smart Contracts and Tokens. The smart contracts are Ethereum Virtual machine compatible (EVM) and the tokens support IERC-20 interface. 

T1 was officially launched on May 22, 2022. 

The release of Testnet T1 marks a landmark chapter in the journey of Doge Protocol as it elevates the platform to the stature of being one of the first (if not the first) blockchains to support smart contracts, tokens along with quantum resistance support. The tokens can be developed, sent, as well as received on Testnet T1.

T1 succeeds the first ever testnet from Doge Protocol, namely T0. The previous Doge Protocol testnet too was quantum resistant. T0 supported quantum resistance on two levels; one was for account security, using Falcon, a 3rd round candidate in the NIST post quantum program. The second was for key encapsulation (communication security), using NTRU HRSS, a NIST 3rd round candidate. 

“We are excited to share with you all about the launch of our second testnet, T1, this month. T1 carries along the quantum resistance feature from its predecessor (T0) and assures powerful security from quantum computer threats. This testnet uses Falcon 512, a 3rd round candidate in the NIST post quantum program, to secure accounts. Inter-node communication has been secured using NTRU HRSS, a third-round candidate in the NIST post quantum program for key-exchange/key-encapsulation. We are proud to inform you that Doge Protocol is one among the FIRSTs to secure both accounts and inter-node communications using quantum resistant cryptography”, stated the leading spokesperson from Doge Protocol.  

The spokesperson went on to share that as the blockchain is EVM compatible, the thousands of decentralized applications that have been built on the Ethereum platform, can now be ported to Doge Protocol with little work. Much to the delight of developers, it will now be a breeze to build decentralized applications on the Doge Protocol platform.  

“Doge platform supports ERC-20 standard compatible tokens. Great bit is, any token created on Doge Protocol will become quantum resistant, and hence extremely secured and powerful. As the tokens are compatible with the ERC-20 model, the thousands of tokens that have been developed on Ethereum can now be easily ported over to the Doge platform.” 

And, there is more… 

Doge Protocol has also updated the Block Explorer (DpScan) with new set of features:

  • Token Explorer
  • Token Send/Receive Transactions View
  • Token Holders View
  • Account Token Transactions View
  • Account Token Explorer
  • Smart Contracts Explorer
  • Smart Contracts Transactions View
  • Updated Blocks View 

About Doge Protocol 

Doge Protocol is a state-of-the-art community-driven Quantum Resistant blockchain. It will be a combined multi-fork of Ethereum, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and DogeP Tokens, and will become the largest blockchain after mainnet. 

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