Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs Helps Homeowner Fix Roof After Damage During Tree Removal Procedure

May 27 21:18 2022

Altamonte Springs, Florida – A company that has always prioritized safety during tree removal procedures, Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs yesterday worked extra hard to remove a tree that had died about 7 months ago. Unfortunately, the tree had already decayed from the inside. Even though the company’s tree removal team had worked hard to ensure the tree removal procedure went well, part of the tree ended up breaking unexpectedly and dropping on the house roof.

“The damage that occurred was unavoidable,” said Mary Jones, the homeowner whose roof was repaired yesterday. “If anything, it was the family’s mistake that the damage occurred—the family had waited for too long before investing in tree removal. This had turned the tree into a hazard.”

The homeowner noted that her family was prepared to repair the damages. However, Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs insisted on handling the repair process.

“The Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs CEO called to apologize when he learned that his team had dropped a tree on the house,” said Mary Jones. “When the family tried to explain that the damage was not the company’s fault, the CEO insisted that his company works hard to ensure homeowners are not spending their money unnecessarily. He insisted on handling the repair process.”

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The homeowner noted that the Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs roof repair team arrived on her landscape earlier today. The team reportedly brought all the tools it would need for the repair process.

“The husband decided to get a break from work to stay home and watch Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs working to fix the roof,’ said Mary Jones. “The husband was extremely impressed when he saw the way the company was operating.”

The homeowner noted that the company first carefully cut out the entire area that had suffered damage. Then using the same materials that were originally used to build the roof, the team restored the roof to its previous state.

“The roof currently looks better than it did even before the damage,” said Mary Jones. “The Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs team knew how to completely transform it, making it more appealing, yet not discrediting other parts of the roof that did not get repaired.”

Mary Jones reportedly took the reporters to view the work that Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs had done. The reporters were extremely impressed when they realized that they could not identify the exact spot that had suffered damage.

“This was the very first time that the family had used Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs,” Mary Jones told the reporters. “However, from the look of the results that the company delivered with the dead tree removal procedure, the family will keep using its team of tree cutting professionals in Altamonte Springs.”

The homeowner noted that even though the company had to handle the roof repair, its team did not charge her family a high tree maintenance cost. The homeowner noted that the amount she paid for the tree removal procedure was 10% lower than what she had set aside for the project.

Reporters contacted the Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs CEO to understand how his company manages to handle home repairs.

“Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs is fully insured,” said the CEO. “When damage occurs while the company’s team is handling tree maintenance procedures, the insurance company finances the repairs. However, the company does its best to ensure damage does not occur—the damage that occurred on Mary Jones’ landscape was the first one in more than 10 years.”

Tree Service Pros Altamonte Springs offices are located at 1096 Rainer Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, United States. The company, however, can be reached quite easily at +1 321-415-0913 and [email protected]

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