San Antonio Tree Pros Uses Tree Pruning to Fix Hazardous Trees

May 27 20:57 2022


San Antonio, California – Established more than 2.5 decades ago, San Antonio Tree Pros has always worked extra hard to protect the urban forest in San Antonio and the neighboring areas. For the past 2 days, the company has been helping a homeowner fix trees that had turned into hazards.


“Originally,” said the San Antonio Tree Pros CEO, “the homeowner—Laud Monseth—wanted to get rid of the trees. The homeowner had decided to invest in the tree removal after one of the trees almost wrecked his parked car. The tree had dropped a branch unexpectedly—the branch fell a few feet from his Range Rover.”

When Laud called San Antonio Tree Pros seeking help with his trees, the team decided to send a professional to inspect the trees before giving the homeowner a quotation for tree removal.

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“Tree removal has always been the company’s last resort,” said the CEO. “The company’s team of tree cutting professionals will only consider tree removal if other means cannot save the tree. In the 25 years, the company has been operating in San Antonio, one common thing is that homeowners request tree removals for trees that can be easily saved—it is for this reason the company decided to look at Laud’s trees before sending in the tree removal team.”

After inspecting the trees, the professional from San Antonio Tree Pros reportedly realized that the trees had gone for a very long time without improvement. The trees had developed overgrown branches. These overgrown branches were the reason the trees had started dropping branches unexpectedly.

“After inspecting the trees,” said the CEO, “the company’s professional had to recommend tree pruning to Laud. Luckily, it happened that the homeowner also wanted to keep his trees. The only issue is that he was not ready to lose his money to property damages caused by trees. The homeowner was impressed when he learned that he could keep all his trees after the tree pruning procedure.”

Laud was more than happy with the tree pruning price quoted. He noted that the company’s team of tree cutting professionals was over 20% cheaper than the company he had used about 10 years ago. He gave the company a go-ahead the same day the quote was delivered.

“The company wanted to make sure that safety was restored on Laud’s landscape as soon as possible,” said the San Antonio Tree Pros CEO. “For this reason, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals decided to initiate the tree pruning process on the same day. On the first day, the team pruned 10 trees—the team had initiated the procedure a little bit late and could not work on more than 10 trees.”

The CEO noted that his team arrived on the landscape earlier on the second day. By the time the second day ended, his team had completed pruning the remaining 30 trees.

Reporters contacted Laud to understand what he thought about the results generated by San Antonio Tree Pros.

“San Antonio Tree Pros is one of the best companies the family has ever worked with,” said the homeowner. “The company worked extra hard to deliver great results. In addition to ensuring the trees had safe crowns, the company also ensured that the landscape was clean by the time its team left. The company worked on 40 trees in2 days just to ensure the family was safe. The family will use the company for all its tree service needs from today.”

San Antonio Tree Pros reports that it operates from its base of operation located at 1721 South WW White Road Suite 120 – 34, 78220 San Antonio, CA. The company can, however, be contacted at +1 210-879-8767 and [email protected]

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