Mission Viejo Tree Experts Gives an Abandoned Home New Appearance with Tree Trimming

May 27 20:06 2022


Mission Viejo, California – When Moses completed the purchase of his new home in Mission Viejo, the homeowner realized that the home hadn’t been used for several years. The home had overgrown trees and the hedge was too messy. The homeowner reportedly could not afford to live in such an environment and had to get a team to help him improve the landscape.


“Being new in Mission Viejo,” said Moses, “the first thing the family had to do was ask around to know which curb appeal improvement companies would be best to work with. The family’s neighbors gave Mission Viejo Tree Experts raving reviews. Most of them reported that they had been using the company for years and were enjoying the results.”

The homeowner reportedly contacted Mission Viejo Tree Experts to figure out the amount the company would charge for a full landscape improvement. The company reportedly sent a tree maintenance professional to assess the situation on Moses’s landscape and provide a quotation.

“The family was expecting to spend more than $20,000 on the landscape improvement,” said Moses. “Everyone was surprised when Mission Viejo Tree Experts charged less than $10,000 for the significant landscape improvement project.”

After the Mission Viejo tree trimming team and Moses agreed on the project specifics, Mission Viejo Tree Experts reportedly initiated the tree trimming procedure the next day.

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“Watching the company work helped the family understand why its team was so affordable,” said Moses. “The company worked at incredible speeds. In a single day, the company trimmed and pruned 20 trees and improved the hedge.”

Moses noted that Mission Viejo Tree Experts left his landscape looking much better than they had found it. The company made the trees complement other features of the landscape. The hedge was fixed to give a positive appearance to the entire home.

“The company unleashed its years of experience in tree maintenance on the landscape,” said Moses. “Its team used tree pruning to fix trees that had risky branches. The tree pruning was combined with tree trimming to give the trees on the landscape a better appearance. What’s even better, the company did not leave the landscape before collecting all the waste generated by the tree maintenance procedure—this was a new experience because all the companies that had worked on the previous home never collected the waste.”

After the tree trimming procedure opened Moses’s eyes and made him realize that his home was more valuable than he had thought, the homeowner decided to get a new home valuer to give him the new price of the improved home.

“The family had spent about $100,000 on the new home,” said Moses. “However, when the home valuer arrived at the better-looking home, he surprised the family when he indicated that if the family was to sell the home in its current shape, any buyer would be more than happy to spend more than $300,000.”

The homeowner was impressed that a tree maintenance procedure that cost him less than $10,000 added more than $200,000 in monetary value to his landscape.

“The family rated the Mission Viejo tree trimming team 5 stars on Google Reviews,” said Alex. “The rating was combined with a very positive testimonial recommending the company to other homeowners. The family will continue using the company’s team of tree pruning team in Mission Viejo.”

Mission Viejo Tree Experts schedules all its procedures from its base located at Los Alisos Blvd, Mission Viejo, CA 92691, United States. The company notes that homeowners interested in its services can contact its offices at +1 949-755-8618 and [email protected]

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