Davis Tree Service Experts Hires New Crane Operator to Make Emergency Tree Removals Safer

May 27 19:45 2022


Davis, California – A company that has earned the title of the best emergency tree service company, Davis Tree Service Experts has decided to take another step to make its emergency tree services better. Yesterday, the company hired a new crane operator to ensure that complicated emergency tree removal procedures are completed safely.


“When it comes to emergency tree services,” said the company’s CEO, “a crane plays a very major role. For example, if a tree is leaning dangerously over a house, the crane can keep this tree from dropping on the house and causing a lot of damage.”

The CEO noted that for a crane to deliver the best results, it needs to be operated by someone with years of field experience in the tree removal industry.

“Someone who has never controlled a tree’s falling path before,” said the CEO, “will have a very hard time when trying to control a tree that is already in a compromised position. And while the crane operator can be allowed to make mistakes with trees that have their stability intact, making mistakes with trees that are about to fall is never a good idea. A small mistake can leave a homeowner with damages worth thousands of dollars.”

The CEO added that the company had been relying on contracting with crane operators from other tree care companies. This, however, has always cost the company a lot of money.

To see how Davis Tree Service Experts handles tree maintenance procedures, visit the company’s website: https://www.treeservicesacramento.com/davis/

“Contracting with a crane operator in Davis costs a lot of money,” said the CEO. “Since the crane operator is not guaranteed permanent employment, he will always demand much higher pay for each procedure he handles. To avoid operating at a loss, the company has always added the high crane operator cost to the amount homeowners have to pay for their tree maintenance procedures. This often resulted in an emergency tree removal cost that was higher than the company would have wanted.”

The CEO noted that with the new crane operator being a permanent employee and part of the company’s tree removal team, the overall emergency tree removal cost would reduce.

“What’s more,” said the CEO, “the company will enjoy reliability when it comes to the availability of the crane operator. In the past, the company had to contact at least three crane operators to get one who was willing to work with the company on an emergency tree removal procedure. When the company was contacting these crane operators, homeowners would be sitting in the dark wondering when help would come.”

The CEO noted that since tree emergencies feature trees that are in extremely risky positions, a fast response has always been one of the company’s goals. Now that the company has a crane operator on its team, the company will no longer have to worry about responding quickly enough to emergency tree service requests.

“The company has always maintained a less than one hour response time,” said the company’s CEO. “This has always helped the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Davis handle emergencies before homeowners suffered damage. Now with a new crane operator, the company will be in a position to respond more quickly.”

“What’s more,” added the CEO, “the crane operator will ensure that the company is also handling night emergencies without having to worry. Now that the company no longer has to go looking for a crane operator every time a homeowner calls in the middle of the night, customers can expect a much better experience.”

Davis Tree Service Experts reports that its base of operation is still located at 638 Cantrill Dr, Davis, CA 95618, United States. Homeowners with tree emergencies, however, can contact the company via +1 530-325-5401 and [email protected]

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