One of the best poetry books in 2022 is Letters From Gardenia by Denae Terese Hintze

May 27 00:12 2022

Accomplished poet and photographer Denae Terese Hintze continues to heal and nourish readers with her self-reflective poetry collection, Letters From Gardenia. This powerful, uplifting book is both deeply human and a raw glimpse into the complexity of the soul.

“Healing is not a linear path; enjoy how easy it feels when lightness comes, and hold yourself tight when things get heavy.”

At its core, Letters From Gardenia is a journey of self-discovery and healing told through the written word. Each piece expands upon the last, revealing a new aspect of the author’s story. With topics ranging from grief to the restorative magic of nature, these poems capture the essence of a life in the context of a vast, and at times unforgiving, world.

This relatable collection is honest in a refreshing way that will resonate with adult readers from many walks of life. With messages of self-resilience and moving through heartache to the other side, Letters From Gardenia is sure to inspire those who are navigating hardships of their own.

A sneak preview of Letters From Gardenia

Hintze was inspired to write after life-altering complications from a medication caused her to temporarily lose touch with reality. Even after her recovery, she realized that the experience was intimately transformative. Letters From Gardenia allowed her to process those feelings while providing the audience with a sense of how mental illness can feel.

Author photo of Hintze with Letters From Gardenia

Letters From Gardenia is perfect for fans of Lana Del Rey and Courtney Peppernell. Reviewers praise Hintze’s work, describing Letters From Gardenia as “heartfelt” and “beautifully written.” The collection is designed with a scrapbook motif that emulates the author’s perspective on keeping track of progress and evolving beyond pain without keeping score of past wrongs.

Interested readers can purchase Letters From Gardenia from Amazon or Book Depository.

Denae Terese Hintze is a writer and photographer living near Chicago, IL. Hintze is a self-taught linguist and publisher who believes in a more connected future between mankind and mother nature. Visit her online at or on Instagram @d.terese_.

Hintze meditating

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