Roof Trusses, Joists, and Floor Solutions Designed and Manufactured by Engineered Timber Solutions Ltd. with a Quick Turnaround and at Competitive Rates

May 19 19:09 2022
Engineered Timber Solutions Ltd has supplied engineered roof and floor solutions in the United Kingdom for almost two decades now. The business su;ports its manufacturing base with very high standards of customer service. It sells a range of trusses online with a lead time of up to 7 days.

According to announcements released by Engineered Timber Solutions Ltd. (ETS) and Christopher Williams, roof trusses manufactured by this business include attic trusses, fink trusses, and raised tie trusses. 

Attic trusses are preferred solutions to convert lofts and gain extra space in buildings. These Birmingham roof trusses can transform cold and uninviting storage spaces into warm, personable spaces. 

Design engineers from ETS use attic trusses to integrate the structural roof, floor, and internal walls. The increase in property prices makes the cost of these roof trusses a much more affordable expense to create usable and habitable spaces in the top story of a building. ETS has helped clients increase available room space by up to 70% in some cases through intelligent roof truss design. 

Fink trusses are a cost-effective alternative to conventional cut roofs. This truss profile is an easily executed and effective roofing solution that can be adapted to different roof designs. 

This economical timber truss, with a webbed design, has been used in the UK since around the 1960s. This type of truss design eliminates the need for internal support walls to transfer the load from the roof to the external load-bearing walls. 

ETS uses the fink truss to help clients create more spacious living spaces. 

Onsite handling of these lightweight trusses is easier than using other types of trusses and does not usually require more than two or three people to install.

ETS save our clients time and money and frees up space through intelligently designed trusses for use in masonry, timber frame, and steel frame construction projects.

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Christopher Williams of Engineered Timber Solutions Ltd. said, “Established in 2002, ETS has firmly established itself as a reliable, trusted, and professional supplier of engineered roof and floor solutions. Promising an industry-leading supply lead time of only 5-7 working days, combined with excellent customer service and highly advanced manufacturing facilities, you can be confident that ETS is the correct choice to buy roof trusses online. Order trusses and joists, or get some expert advice.

With over 100 years of combined design experience employed within the ETS design office and with 1000s of completed projects, ranging from self builds and extensions to large multi-plot sites, all coupled with an industry-leading supply lead time promise of 5-7 working days, you can be certain that we have the experience, understanding, and ability to design, supply and deliver to suit your build schedule.

Spandrel panels or gable panels are an alternative to blockwork. These panels made of a timber frame covered with fire-resistant board enable you to separate the roof spaces of adjoining houses and give you a guaranteed 1-hour fire protection barrier.

Spandrel panels are manufactured off-site and can be lifted straight into position. Using spandrel and gable panels means you gain savings in construction time on site, materials, and costs such as scaffolding, as they remove the need for that final lift for the bricklayers to build up the blockwork.”

About the Company:

Engineered Timber Solutions Ltd. delivers roof trusses and floor joists across the UK with a  5 day lead time. It has the resources, skills, and experience to design, supply, and deliver trusses in record time. Clients  include self-builders, national house builders, architects, DIY enthusiasts, and local construction firms.

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