Rama Muhanna, Supporting all the Job seekers

May 16 09:56 2022
Rama Muhanna, Supporting all the Job seekers
Rama Muhanna, Supporting all the Job seekers!
Rama Muhanna, the Jordanian journalist, content creator, professional voice-over, and the founder of RamaJobs platform on Instagram, proved herself between her generation, for being the young, thoughtful, vibrant, ambitious, and hardworking lady, who is taking steps forward success and achieving her career goals, despite the short duration of her experience.

The Jordanian journalist has been devoting creatively all her skills and capabilities towards lending a helping hand in job searching. For Rama, work stress has never been an obstacle in benefiting the Arab Youth.

Rama has leadership skills, and the ability the think out of the box, she also made it in establishing and developing a platform specially for Job Seekers. In addition, her academic studies were not her only motivation for entering the Media careers world, but rather her passion towards Media, and the world of Television and Radio Stations.

Since she was young, Rama had always dreamed of being a presenter, so she has chosen the Media and Journalism field as a challenging lifetime career, and she has been joining several companies and organizations related to Journalism.

In 2011, Rama graduated from the University of Sharjah, the Media department – Radio and Television section – and worked in several channels and radio stations.

She joined Al Aan Radio Station as a radio announcer and a broadcaster, she also worked in Al Aan TV, in presenting “Career Live” program, later she moved to UAE Barq platform, as an Emirati Accent Anchor.

Moreover, Rama had an experience in introducing guests at Al Dhafra Channel, and in Program reporting in Al Jazeera Kids (Jeem). Also, Rama has worked as a TV anchor in Elaykum Channel, and as a radio producer in Sharjah Radio Station for morning wake-up shows, and evening shows, in addition Rama has been producing many professional videos about real estate business in UAE.

Rama started practicing the voice-over professionally ten years ago, and in several Arabic accents, such as the Emirati, Saudi, Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, and the Fus’ha Classical Arabic, also she can vocal imitate a child’s voice, and the voices of older persons.

Rama’s voice-over experience reached the greatest brands, like Hermes, Sephora, Toyota, Mercedes, Talabat, Noon, Nutella, Lux, Home Center, and much more. Also, she was nominated by the society of voice arts and sciences for the Voice Arts Awards of “Outstanding radio commercial, The Best Arabic Voice Over” in New York 2021.

Rama established RamaJobs platform in 2018, in which she keeps publishing vacancies and job offers in all the world, she also launched her own website, which allows everyone to fill up their data to make it reachable by the largest possible number of international companies.

Rama was able to make significant progress and a long-standing success, because of her integrity, professionalism, and creativity, in addition to her accuracy and self-confidence.

Rama Muhanna, is a mother to a one child, and she gladly and proudly represents a role model for all mothers, in tender loving inside and outside her house. Also, Rama seeks in reducing unemployment in the Arab and global society.

Rama admires her daughter, and considers her a sister, and a friend, so she always prefers going out with her to have some fun in entertaining and educational places, or to learn some new and interesting activities.

Moreover, Rama spends her free time filming and producing creative videos to share them in her RamaJobs account, from which everyone can benefit, and what you may not know, is that Rama loves cooking and she enjoys trying new dishes, whether from the Arab cuisine, or other cuisines.




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