Travel with Portia Tourism, Abir Malaeb’s everlasting fingerprint

May 16 09:52 2022
Travel with Portia Tourism, Abir Malaeb’s everlasting fingerprint
Travel with Portia Tourism, Abir Malaeb’s everlasting fingerprint
Abir Malaeb is a Lebanese health and wellness coach, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist and a holistic and health researcher based in Turkey. After dedicating her entire life for the sake of her life career which is considered as an intrinsic part of her personality, Coach Abir Malaeb decided to bring something new to her life career by launching her own tourism company “Portia Tourism”.

Abir Malaeb! Your name is no more weird to any one even slightly familiar with the world of health and wellness. Nice to meet you today, we’re so lucky to have an interview with you to tell us more about your upcoming projects.

We knew that you were busy working on something new, would you please tell us about it?

Nice to meet you too dear, and it’s my pleasure to answer all your questions. Yes! Actually I have just finished opening my tourism company in Istanbul, and I named it “Portia Tourism”. And I will be organizing the first trip in June and it will be in Adalar which are the 4 islands close to Istanbul. It will be a 7 nights (8 days) trip in which I’ll give the chance for the ladies to explore new places maybe they’ve never heard about before.

What’s the idea behind “Portia Tourism”, what is the reason behind launching this company?

Indeed, you all know that my main goal in life is to support the “female”. And in my company, I’ll be preparing for trips for ladies only and so that to help them connect with nature, have small workshops about femininity, explore the islands and do mindful activities.

Why did you choose the Islands in Adalar for your first trip?

I did so first because they are close to Istanbul and the airport. Second, they are unique as no cars are allowed on the islands and no petrol is found which means the islands have cleaner environments. I felt it is the best choice in which all ladies can find calm, peace and tranquility.

Where are you going to land there? Did you think about a place to stay in there?

Sure! In our company ladies have to do nothing but feel comfortable during the whole trip. And to make sure they will have the best trip ever, we have booked a hotel that has so much privacy for the ladies to be very comfortable. It is a vintage very old yet very beautiful hotel in the big island of Buyukada.

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