Shughla Karzai, Sana Orphanage Founder and Author of Must-Read Book Love in Despair: A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

May 11 18:15 2022
Shughla Karzai, Sana Orphanage Founder and Author of Must-Read Book Love in Despair: A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the impetus behind a person’s drive to make considerable progress on their dreams. Some are motivated by the vision of a financially stable future, while others pour everything into their craft to create a legacy for future generations to remember. However, in the case of Shughla Karzai, the founder of Kandahar-based Sana Orphanage and the author of a book that explores hope amid tragedy, what has always stood at the core of her purpose-driven initiatives is the overarching goal to give love and support to less fortunate children. Today, she remains an active advocate for the welfare of young people and is passionate about shedding light on the realities of those robbed of a home they deserve.

Originally hailing from Afghanistan, Shughla Karzai moved to the United States at an early age. Years down the road, she would stand at the helm of an organization that gives home and restores love and hope for orphans of her homeland. 

Sana Orphanage opened its doors in 2006 and operates under the recognition that Afghanistan’s tragedies have destroyed the lives of countless children, most of whom are uncertain and fearful about their future. Highly fueled by the mission to not only provide a roof over these children’s heads but also maneuver them in the direction of healing, growth, and happiness, this brainchild of Shughla Karzai provides excellent care in the field of orphan services, education, and vocational training. 

Armed with plans to expand soon to other cities, Sana Orphanage primarily caters to the impoverished, handicapped, abused, and orphaned children in Kandahar. So far, it has managed to save 53 kids through the support and financial help of the American people and Afghan-Americans. Under the leadership of Shughla Karzai, it is currently extending its efforts toward helping stop crime in Afghanistan and fight poverty by placing a heavy emphasis on the importance of education. 

Apart from spearheading Sana Orphanage, the cause-oriented visionary is also heavily involved in sharing the narratives of today’s orphans to the rest of the world through her book Love in Despair: A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy. Divided into two parts, this must-read resource will not only tell the story of how Sana Orphanage came into existence but will highlight the journey of some of the children at the shelter. Additionally, it is set to give readers a glimpse of the heartbreaking tale of three children—victims of physical, mental, and sexual abuse and all orphaned after their father killed their mother—Shughla Karzai saved during her trip in 2007.

In the years to come, Shughla Karzai hopes to help more kids and see those under her wing flourish. At the same time, she intends to raise awareness about the lived experiences of orphaned and abused children by writing and publishing more books. 

Learn more about Shunghla Karzai by visiting her website.

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