XDC Network launches PHP, RUST and DART SDKs to support dApp development on the XDC blockchain

January 31 23:48 2022

Jan 31, 2022 – XDC Foundation today launches its latest developer release, which includes three separate software development kits (SDKs) for PHP, RUST and DART built in collaboration with LeewayHertz. The PHP, RUST and DART SDKs further round out XDC Network’s suite of developer tools and will help global developer communities to build decentralized applications and solutions with advanced features and functionalities.

These ready-to-install SDKs facilitate more convenient PHP, RUST and DART applications development on the XDC Network by allowing developers to quickly integrate programming API, smart contracts, and tokens into the XDC protocol, and they serve as repositories containing essential developer tools, APIs, libraries, source code, and technical documentation to simplify the various development processes.

“The addition of RUST, DART and PHP to our suite of SDKs broadens access for projects to build on the network. As the XDC Network continues to cater to developer communities, the ecosystem will be well-positioned to find more utility across various industries, including sports and entertainment,” says Bill Sebell, Executive Director of the XDC Foundation.

“The release of the open-source RUST, PHP and DART SDKs further enhance XDC Network’s developer-friendly ecosystem and pairs well with its scalable, low cost / high volume capabilities,” says Deepak Shokeen, Chief Technology Officer at LeewayHertz.

The launch of the new SDKs will assist users in the server-side development of blockchain-based PHP, RUST and DART applications on the XDC Network. These SDKs offer a complete suite of software development tools like the compiler and the crucial software framework required to develop decentralized applications and futuristic blockchain-powered solutions on the network. The SDKs are technical guides providing instructions on their installation and usage. These developer-friendly toolkits facilitate rapid development, integration, and deployment of applications built on the XDC hybrid blockchain network.

Enterprises or developers seeking to leverage the benefits of the EVM-compatible XDC Network and its underlying technology can access these and all other SDKs from the official XDC GitHub repository.

About XDC

XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain with a public and private state. As a blockchain technology solution, the network is designed to meet the needs of enterprises seeking to enhance their business infrastructure, reduce costs and improve visibility through blockchain. XDC Network is an EVM-compatible and delegated proof-of-stake powered network. It offers near zero network congestion, low transaction fees, double validation, interoperable smart contracts, and high security, which all power a wide range of novel blockchain use cases.

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LeewayHertz is the leading blockchain development company based in San Francisco, U.S. The company is focused on building and delivering digital solutions for startups and enterprises using emerging technologies like blockchain. With the motto of “You dream it; We build it,” LeewayHertz has catered to various industries globally. The company’s vision is to make dApp development convenient, cost-effective and scalable by incorporating robust tools and SDKs. With years of diverse experience and gained expertise, the team commits to providing clients with quality blockchain development services.

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