Close Up & Personal with Upcoming Music Star ResoBankRoll

January 31 23:42 2022

Born on 27th July 1995, Maurese Daniels, better known by his stage name Reso Bankroll is an American recording artist which a passion to make great music for adults. ResoBankRoll was born and raised in Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA.

Ever since childhood, he wanted to make music, record songs, and rap in a way that can wow the audience.

It’s been about six years now since he’s been into the music business. ResoBankroll creates music in all genres so that audiences of any taste can enjoy some quality music.

As per his inspiration, it’s none other than his mom. Mother is the only person, in whose lap, you can sleep in peace. She is the reason why we come on earth, can develop, get nurtured, and eat and sleep well.

Reso’s mother was a single parent, who raised seven of her kids all by herself which in itself, is a huge achievement.

When Reso was being told that he sucks or to give up!! His mother would be the only one to believe in him. His mother is his superhero, a silent warrior, in shiny armor.

No one in Reso’s life can be the any better inspiration, other than his mother. Reso’s new album is about to drop on January 6th, 2022 as a New Year gift for his fans.

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Creating this album took a whole year for Reso to make sure everything’s perfect including the lyrics, the tunes, the melody, the music, and everything else.

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