RingCold SA Swiss Crypto helps International NGOs in the fight against global warming

January 31 23:39 2022
Ringcold selects NGOs according to their relevance and their devotion to the climate and planetary cause.

Indeed, it is urgent, Ringcold put enough pressure on the States of the world to trigger a sustainable change and thus create a shock in the minds of everyone in order to leave a healthier and eco-responsible planet to descendants.

Ringcold has created 3 NFT Collections on Opensea, and half income goes for fundraising NGOs (details on website)

By investing in Ringcold (RGC) currency peoples doing two things:

1) earning money by increasing the value of the token

2) helping Ringcold fundraise these NGOs.

Famous Ambassadors will be chosen soon to support Ringcold and defend same model. RingCold is not intended to be political and will never donate to a political party.

On the technical side, RGC currency (ERC-20 token) is decentralized and contains 100M coins and there will be no increase or burn to come. No ICOs planned.

25% of the total tokens are held by the creators to pay for the marketing program, Influencers and donations to NGOs:

Retribution Youtubers & Influencers

1)  Retribution Direct Investors

2)  Developers & Sales people

3)  Web communication campaign

4)  Website & Mobile application creation

5)  Security & Certification/Audit (Certik)

In order to help NGOs, Ringcold have set up a company in Switzerland to make all the actions credibles.

The team is composed by 15 employees from all over Europe around the same objective: to make Ringcold popular.

A large part of the financial resources as well as the revenues generated on the platform Coinsbit, on the tokenization of the company’s social actions (Private Equity), as well as the increase in the value of the crypto will help fund NGOs.

The creation of this crypto currency seems relevant to Ringcold and more people feel concerned to defend the planet and maintain the climate in good conditions. It is true that many Countries are committed to change things but unfortunately Ringcold see over the years that governments change and actions are insufficient to date.

The advantage and strength of Ringcold will be in its ability to bring together enough investors, citizens, NGOs, and maybe governments, to unite them around a single global project: reducing greenhouse gases.

The RingCold Community:

The targeted communication that Ringcold is putting in place will bring together several hundred thousand investors who want to invest intelligently and in an “eco-responsible” way while earning money on the RingCold currency.

Breakdown of RingCold communication:

Social network Reddit (community of 580,000 people) Social network Facebook (community of 1 210 000 people) TELEGRAM network

TIK-TOK social network

Mailing list (4,000,000 people targeted) SMS campaign

Crypto-currency specialized forums (Investing, Coingeko, Nomics) RingCold website

The forum: 1500 users Ringcold Fondation to come

Twitter: Elon Musk, Gary Kasparov, Arnold Schwarzenegger (others to come)

Peoplecan buyRGCcryptooncoinsbit.io with this trading pair: RGC/USDT Ringcold SA SwitzerlandNFT

website: www.ringcold.org

Email: [email protected]

NFT Collectionshttps://opensea.io/Ringcold

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