The ‘Correct’ View on Music Production

January 31 18:32 2022
The ‘Correct' View on Music Production
A unique opportunity to learn from the very best

It would not come as a surprise to anyone that the promised land of La La is swarmed by amazing talent from the world over, and that the proverbial Hollywood will never cease to draw the very best out there to showcase their skills and make it “big”. But what does it really take to become the very best out there – is the million-dollar question, and the answer is quite simple – there are no shortcuts, but mastering your craft, learning from the very best, and finding your own self in it. It is very easy to get lost between different courses and classes offered online today, but the ‘correct view’ on how things should really be done is really hard to come across. This is why we are happy to announce the grand opening of the electronic music production school led by one of Europe’s most renowned and Russia’s Top 100 DJs, Natasha Baccardi, that offers just that – the ‘CRRCT View’.

‘Having spent over a decade researching and thoroughly analyzing the work of some of the most popular American disc jockeys, I have come to a conclusion, that in essence, the electronic music has become a faceless playground; everyone is using the same set of techniques, same factory sounds, even the drum beats are pretty much the same. It is time for a change! There is so much more to the music than copying and pasting, and I am here to open that world to those, who really want to stand out, be unique and revolutionize the industry’ – says Natalia Nikiforova, a founder of the ‘CRRCT VIEW’ school, known by her stage name Natasha Baccardi.

Hailing from the Russian Federation, Natasha is an internationally acclaimed DJ and electronic music producer, she has graced the ‘hottest’ spots and played the most prestigious electronic music clubs not only all over her home country but around the globe, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Dubai, and of course the CIS countries just as well. She was included in the Top 100 DJs 3 times in a row, according to DJ.RU and all of that was made possible for her unique and distinctive sound, which combines her Russian soul and her unparalleled expertise in electronic music production. The ‘CCRT VIEW’ music label, created by Natasha Baccardi and her partner, LIL’M, an official DJ for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and a Beatport Top 100 Tech House producer 2019/2020, is about to open its doors to the American public, excited to share the vaults of experience and a fundamentally new approach to electronic music production.

‘This is not yet another school to show you ‘where to press, and what to hold’, instead, we are providing the original approach to music-making, a combination of European sounds and mixing techniques, unique set of music production tools, not available in the US, and most importantly, a path to discover one’s true sound, and true face in the realm of electronic music’ – Natasha Baccardi

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