Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Termite Control Services in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

January 31 23:30 2022
Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Termite Control Services in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill

A home is a big investment, so it is critical to protect it against damages, and termites can cause very expensive home damage. According to places like North Carolina State University, U.S. homeowners spend more than $2 billion annually preventing or controlling termite infestations.

Subterranean termites that live below ground are the most common in Raleigh. The insects are difficult for homeowners to detect, multiply quickly, and can cause severe damage to homes in a short time. The best way to protect homes is to call experienced professionals who have the resources to efficiently identify and eliminate termite problems.

Common Signs of a Termite Infestation 

One of the reasons that termite damage is so expensive is that homeowners often have no idea they have a problem until it is very advanced. Sustainable Pest Systems technicians recommend that clients look for the following signs of termites: 

  • Weakened or hollow wood 

  • Winged insects swarming, especially in Spring 

  • Raised dirt tunnels called mud tubes

Per experts like the “This Old House”, termites can also cause a clicking sound in the walls as they bang their heads against the wood to signal danger. Even peeling paint, combined with other signs, can indicate termites because the insects may cause paint to bubble as they damage drywall.

Termite Problems Require Quick Action 

Because termites typically do a lot of harm before they are detected, Raleigh homeowners should get expert help as soon as possible once they suspect termite problems. Technicians quickly identify the type of termites present and then find their source.

Professionals use the best treatment for each home and can provide an option that eliminates the problem while minimizing environmental harm. Experienced technicians have years of experience identifying and removing all types of pests, including termites. They can also provide a termite bond that gives clients peace of mind.   

Why Termite Removal Is Not a DIY Project

Eliminating termites is challenging for homeowners because it is very difficult to locate the insects’ colonies. Getting rid of termites is also a complex process that doesn’t take place in a single day.  

Technicians understand home construction and termite behavior and can find nests located far from visible damage. Underground nests can even be across the street. 

Homeowners can reach out to pest control specialists online, at, and arrange for an expert evaluation. Once professionals pinpoint nests, they create an effective plan to eliminate all termites and help prevent future infestations.

Professionals Use the Best Products for Each Situation

Technicians can offer traditional treatments or eco-friendly options such as a scientifically engineered, eco-friendly termite baiting system that is part of sustainable pest control efforts.

According to publications like “The Environmental Magazine”, the best pest control targets specific insects without destroying those that can benefit the ecosystem. It also minimizes the use of harsh chemicals in the environment.

Make sure and contact a full-service pest management company offering environmental options that include termite control services. These companies provide guaranteed results and exceptional customer service.

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