Gasflip Inc. announces New VR Metaverse, GAS CITY and is set to begin Initial Land Offering in Q1 2022

January 31 23:24 2022
Gasflip Inc. announces New VR Metaverse, GAS CITY and is set to begin Initial Land Offering in Q1 2022
Gasflip is creating the first fully Virtual Reality Metaverse that allows you to buy or rent property, create a business, or digitally twin your favorite places in their Megacity called “Gas City”.

Nevada, United States – Gasflip Inc., a Nevada corporation, announces the Gas City Metaverse. Gas City is the first fully Virtual Reality Megacity where residents can create and monetize virtual businesses by directly processing payments using their chosen payment provider. Business owners can sell NFTs for virtual merchandise and may select turn-key business templates to gain access to ready to sell digital inventory. Shop owners can use their chosen payment providers to ease the integration of eCommerce and existing businesses into the Gas City Metaverse.

“We are building the Gas City Metaverse for businesses to augment their sales and marketing activities in a medium that you interface with principally through virtual reality (VR) experience,” says Ricky Barientes, CEO of Gasflip Inc. “Metaverse technology is evolving rapidly and will change the way companies approach eCommerce in future. Metaverse will be a gamechanger for businesses across industries. Old school sales and marketing strategies can now be augmented with a holographic VR experience, and a storefront in a VR Metaverse acts very differently from a traditional website. You have an invaluable new tool for information about your customers, new methods for generating leads, and new possibilities to optimize your sales channels using NFTs.”

As businesses across the world try to figure out ways to overcome the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Metaverse seems to be fast emerging as a new venue for online business and hobbies. This has given a big boost to digitization, as businesses gear up to adopt and integrate Metaverse and NFT technology into their businesses processes.

Gasflip is also set to launch the first NFT marketplace for upcoming Gas City Metaverse where Polygon or Etherum Blockchain NFTs can be purchased directly via credit or debit card transactions. Gas City offers several readymade business types from Motorcycle and Car Dealerships, ATVs, Bars and Social Clubs, Art Galleries, Pet Stores, Restaurants, Boutiques, Clothing and Fashion, and a wide range of entertainment and real-world business services. Choosing to run one of these readymade business models allows subscribers to enter the Metaverse and start conducting business. Gasflip plans to offer the option to integrate digital scans of real business interiors, allowing users who create a Digital Twin of an existing business to sell actual in-store inventory.

Metaverse is an all new buzzword these days, as big brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and just about anyone is jumping on the bandwagon to own a piece of this promising alternative asset class. According to industry analysts, Metaverse Real Estate Market size is expected to grow at 31.2% CAGR during 2022-2028. Notwithstanding the industry estimates, the market is expected to witness a phenomenal growth in the coming few years.

Gas City is anticipated to launch in a beta in Q3 2022.

Gasflip also announced their Initial Land Offering (ILO) for Gas City. The Q1 2022 Virtual Realestate Metaverse Sale is set to go live in Feb 2022. This cyber sale will include NFTs for business and residential spaces within the Gas City Business District.  Business or residential spaces are for sale individually, as well as entire office buildings and residential towers. Users who purchase buildings will have the option to rent out properties within that building to interested clients.

Gasflip CTO Kelly Ervin says, “The Gas City Metaverse isn’t just for existing businesses. It’s for users first and foremost to have a fun and engaging experience. You don’t have to own a ‘real’ pet store to realize your dream of selling exotic pets. You can use a Gas City Business Template and sell virtual animals to the users, tourists, and residents of Gas City. . You are in the Metaverse and you run a virtual pet store selling Sugar Gliders. Your Avatar works in the shop. You deal with your own customers. Accept your own payments. The more effort you put in, the more pets you sell, but the overall experience must be engaging and enjoyable for you and your customers. You handle the business. We aren’t in the middle of that. We are about providing a great recreational platform.”

Gas City has been launched with a vision to make the most of blockchain technology and NFTs by building an integrated economic and social structure coupled with a unique proposition that would make it fun and appealing for digital investors.

About Gasflip Inc.

Gasflip Inc., an innovative corporation based in Nevada, is creating the first fully Virtual Reality Metaverse that allows anyone to buy or rent property, create a business, or digitally twin their favorite places in the Megacity “Gas City”.

For more information about the company and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit their website.

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