Kheo Games Launches Its Award-Winning Board Game On Amazon India

January 31 18:22 2022
Kheo Games Launches Its Award-Winning Board Game On Amazon India
A unique opportunity to access the award-winning roll and write board game on one click

In a bid to make its board game easily accessible to board game lovers in India and the world at large, Kheo Games LLC has launched its award-winning roll and write board game here on Amazon India. Named Go Goa, the strategy board game is available for sale to adults so that they can have maximum fun while engaging in healthy competitions with their friends. As a strategy board game, game lovers are afforded an amazing opportunity to devise different strategies for winning while immersing themselves in the Indian culture.

Being internationally recognized, the Go Goa board game is an exciting adventure board game for kids, teens, adults, and families to have a great fun time. The game is targeted towards those above 14 years, and it allows for 1-6 players. As a 5-star board game, it is exciting, fun, educational, and strategic. It is designed to satisfy the desire for exhilarating tourism and fast-paced fun. With beautiful illustrations, players get a map of Goa and play with the tour plan cards made available by a talented artist from Goa. In 25-30 minutes, players can take an exciting tour of Goa, visit many tourist centres, ancient historical sites, and Goa beaches.

Kheo Games is a new startup that plans to offer a vast array of board games in India. Because the company understands the richness of the Indian culture, its focus is to design a high-end collection of traditional, modern, and nostalgic classics to appeal to every game’s needs.

For a more exciting user experience, Kheo Games plans to offer a diverse selection of game themes that players can choose from. These themes will be designed as narratives to tell the unique tales of India; in the process, gamers will become more knowledgeable about the unique Indian culture.

“We publish board games that are family-friendly in the sense that the games can be played with kids and adults. You can have fun and bond together. Our games are also thematic because we love games that tell a story. And if the story we are telling is about India, it’s even better. To provide games that are customized for you, we take time to release our games so that we get the best product for you. We involve the best game designers, graphic designers, and artists in the development of our board games. The games are playtested thoroughly, so you do not have to worry, but just enjoy them,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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