The Secret to Becoming a Successful Businessman by Nathan Goestenkors

January 31 18:00 2022

“Entrepreneur,” we all are familiar with the term, and most of us have the aim of becoming successful entrepreneurs at some point in our lives. Life is not always so kind to just let us achieve our dreams. Some of us get busy dealing with the responsibilities, some never try because of fear, and some stop because of a tragedy. But there are a few people in this world that are different from others. They don’t have the resources, they have tragedies, and they fail, but they never give up. They fear not trying, more than the possibility of failure. “Nathan Goestenkors” is a great example of such a person.

Nathan Goestenkors is a young man with many talents, but the thing that makes him exemplary is his drive to never give up. Nathan has faced near tragedies at a young age, but he never let it scare him away from achieving his dreams. Today, Nathan is a young man and is excelling in his professional career as a sales professional and a lifestyle guru. He is also a very productive entrepreneur, owning multiple brands in different industries. It does boggle the mind to think a single young man has such an ambitious drive to grow and excel in so many different industries.

Everyone can learn a lot from Nathan Goestenkors, and that’s what he is all about. In Nathan’s own words, the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to “Focus On The Things You Can Control.” According to Nathan, don’t focus on what other people show you, focus on what you want to see yourself become. Work on yourself, excel in your education, self-development, health, nutrition, and finance. These are the things of your life which other people want to take control of, but the only person who can develop these aspects of your life is yourself. Nathan guides his viewers to work where it matters through his teachings and social media. He tries his best to create content that is funny, entertaining, and beneficial at the same time. Nathan’s efforts are admirable at best.

Nathan Goestenkors doesn’t just say something and forget it, but he is an example of his formula. Instead of being affected by what others said and Nathan’s problems, he focused on what he could control. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in leadership and got a cyber security certification to build up his education. He has a versatile portfolio of many brands and hopes to expand shortly. Most of his endeavors can be found at his business website Fawst Projects ( He also works out consistently and focuses on his nutrition while also trying to improve his friends/family’s health. Nathan Goestenkors has proven time and time again that focusing on the things you can control is a sure-fire way to being successful and a happy person overall.

Nathan Goestenkors


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