Tech startup Weeglo Launches New Platform To Radically Ease Electronic Payments And Cut Down High Transaction Fee

January 31 17:52 2022
Weeglo has managed to carve a name for itself as one of the most promising startup. It has even won several awards including the likes of OSVP, and POESAM International Grand Prix. They have come up with an all new platform that aims at bridging the gap between traditional banking methods and DeFi. is the latest platform by the popular tech startup Weeglo that is known for creating several socially impactful projects. The new platform is essentially a bridge that aims at lessening the gap between traditional banking methods and DeFi. It has come up with a really impressive back-end structure so that developers will only need to focus on the front end and their subsequent launch. This is definitely a huge relief for developers, and it also ensures that FinTech applications can be made without the need to write even a single line of code.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “Our company is based in the USA but has offices in Africa too. Our API payment gateway is fully functional and our key aim is to cut down the high transaction fees which you would usually associate with electronic money transfer and even international remittances. We are optimistic that things will improve even further in the times to come.”

This project is going to have several perks and it will also facilitate easy transfer of crypto assets. This platform will serve as a befitting medium of exchange between the blockchain and the traditional fintech. Base currency caked stable coin will be used as a means of transaction.

This startup has managed to raise 10,000 euros already this year and it is looking for more investors to come on board so that they can map their vision to reality. They are very hopeful that their vision will reap the right benefits for every investor and is the real future of tomorrow.

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About Weeglo

Weeglo is one of the leading tech startup that has managed to make quite a name for itself. The company is really making good head starts and they are looking to create a platform that could act as a bridge between block chain and traditional financial payment methods.

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