United Robotic Systems Pioneers Cutting-Edge 3D Concrete Printing Services for Residential Homes, Leading Industries to New Areas of Investment

January 31 22:36 2022

United Robotic Systems Pioneers Cutting-Edge 3D Concrete Printing Services for Residential Homes, Leading Industries to New Areas of Investment

31 January, 2022 – Pompano Beach, FL – United Robotic Systems, a leader in automated industrial solutions and specialist in material science, has been recognized in recent months for pioneering three-dimensional (3D) additive concrete printing services for residential homes. The company’s innovative concrete printing services recently achieved regulatory approval for use in residential construction projects and have continuously been instrumental in sustaining a five-year boom in the global concrete printing market.

The company’s additive manufacturing process uses large 3D printers to fabricate concrete printed homes. High-tech printers and injection nozzles control the direction and flow of building materials, similar to concrete, that are designed to withstand the elements and climate change. Printing is customizable to meet the specifications of any residential or commercial project, and printed materials are easily laid down layer by layer to fabricate building elements into their full form.

United Robotic Systems’ 3D concrete printing services provide exceptional design freedom, including the ability to construct curved structures without the need for supports and introduce an affordable, resource-efficient technology to the broader market. The company’s additive manufacturing technology has been trusted worldwide, including in Georgetown, Guyana, where the company used the technology to facilitate the construction of a 256 unit multiplex for underprivileged students.

“While this technology might seem overwhelming, it is important to remember that additive manufacturing is here to stay,” remarked Alshaun Baksh, Technology Director at United Robotic Systems. “The world’s leading Fortune 500 companies have invested in related technologies and concrete printing, including Apple, Ford, General Motors, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Tesla. The technology presents unprecedented opportunities across commercial and industrial construction, and even holds promise for next-generation residential development using 3D printed and fabricated homes,” he added.

A Pompano Beach-based company, United Robotic Systems’ use of the technology underscores its commitment to sustainable development, integrated solutions, and additive manufacturing with a 24-hour print time for all projects.

To learn more about United Robotic Systems and its cutting-edge technologies, please visit UnitedRoboticSystems.com.

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