Dogs of Elon to complete CoinMarketCap Giveaway

January 31 22:00 2022
On Sunday January 30th, Dogs of Elon is set to complete the CoinMarketCap (CMC) NFT Airdrop that was launched in November of 2021. The previous DOE management launched a contest that would distribute 150 unique Dogs of Elon NFT’s to 150 lucky winners. The new management team is dead set on completing the giveaway:
On January 19th, the new Dogs of Elon team obtained the participant list from CMC and announced that they would be honoring the airdrop by way of a live Telegram video call on January 30th 2022 at 8:00PM EST. The team plans to reveal the winners live so that the entire community will be able to come together to witness and celebrate the much anticipated completion of the contest!
The team has also been developing a strong partnership with CoinMarketCap and has been invited to join their new “Gravity” initiative. Some benefits of being included within the Gravity initiative is a discussion board being placed directly onto the Dogs of Elon’s CMC overview page. Along with the ability to publish articles and press releases directly onto the official CMC page. Dogs of Elon’s involvement in the Gravity initiative is notable as only the top 200 coins and a handful of other projects have been granted the opportunity to access these new features. The team is honored and elated at the chance to partner with, and strengthen our relationship with CMC by testing these new features and their functionality and offering feedback to CMC all while enriching our holders experience on CMC:
The project has recently completed a tremendously successful $50,000 Tesla Giveaway by hosting a live video call and revealing a lucky winner who chose the option to receive $50,000 in ETH. This was another step by the new Dogs of Elon team to deliver on a long overdue promise by the former team.
The completion of the CMC Giveaway is just the beginning for the new Dogs of Elon team. There are plans to aggressively increase development and marketing efforts. In addition, they are working to reveal upcoming plans on a possible light rebranding, including publishing a whitepaper and updated roadmap and a new website.
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