“The Olympic Fine Arts 2022” Opened in Beijing

January 31 21:51 2022

The official program of Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 – ”The Olympic Fine Arts 2022” opened grandly at Me Center on January 28th, 2022. This event will be an incomparable art exhibition held in conjunction with Winter Olympic Games and will show how “Art, makes the Olympics more beautiful” in all of its splendor.

This event is jointly hosted by the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the China National Society for the Promotion of Arts and Culture (“CNSPAC”), and is jointly organised by the Creation and Research Department of CNSPAC, Cultural Exchange Department of CNSPAC, as well as Me Center, Olympic Expo and Tempo Art Museum. The Chinese Painting Academy of CNSPAC (Professional Committee for Chinese Painting), the Engraving Academy of CNSPAC (Professional Committee for Engraving), the Sculptures Academy of CNSPAC (Professional Committee for Sculptures) and Professional Committee for Exhibition and Display Arts of CNSPAC also offer generous support.

The works shown blend the beauty of the Chinese art, the world art, Winter Olympic Games and the colors, and present a panoramic picture of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the spiritual home of community of shared future for mankind.

The exhibition is divided into several sections such as the beauty of ink wash, the beauty of calligraphy, the beauty of prints, the beauty of sculpture and the beauty of international exchanges, with the theme of “the beauty of the Beijing Winter Olympics”.

The section of “the Beauty of Ink Wash” exhibits more than 300 works of over 80 noted contemporary Chinese painters and demonstrates the beauty of imagery and represent the highest acme of Chinese painting.

The section of “the Beauty of Calligraphy” exhibits more than 100 works of the contemporary Chinese calligraphers, and shows the beauty of the national characteristics of Chinese calligraphy art, the beauty of the artistic conception and the beauty of development.

The section of “the Beauty of Prints” exhibits More than 80 masterpieces of influential modern print-makers offer a glimpse of the distinctive features, sublime beauty and multiple facets of the art of print.

The sculptures of the section, “the Beauty of Sculpture” with its characteristic spatial art form, are an ode to mankind and nature and also an epitome of strength, steadfastness and magnificence.

The section of “the Beauty of International Exchanges” exhibits the art works of 100 international artists, and conveys the aspiration of mankind for a better life through a variety of cultural and art forms.

YANG Xiaoyang, the chairman of CNSPAC, said in an interview: “Beauty is a sacred channel for human beings to recognize truth and goodness, as well as the supreme way and spiritual aspiration for human beings to enjoy their hearts. Under the holy light of beauty, human beings will be as close as brothers, harmonious as one, and create a bright future together, which is also the significance of this event”.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China Society for the China National Society for the Promotion of Arts and Culture (“CNSPAC”) organised the 2008 (Beijing) Olympic Fine Arts. Afterwards, CNSPAC organized four Olympic Fine Arts exhibitions during the London Olympic Games, the Rio Olympic Games, the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the Tokyo Olympic Games, respectively, which were all included in the official agenda of the Olympic Games. At the same time, several rounds of itinerant exhibitions were held. All of them brought honor to China.

his event has served as a bridge of art, peace, friendship and the Olympic family, and has built a bond between China and the world for over ten years. This event has evolved into an influential platform for international cultural and art exchanges, and has truly made the Olympics more beautiful. According to statistical sum-up, the Olympic Fine Arts has selected works of about 3,000 artists out of about 20,000 artists from more than 70 countries. The exhibited works cover a wide variety of art categories such as Chinese painting, oil painting, print, mixed media painting and sculpture. That’s why this event is considered as “Art Olympic”. Up to now, these works have been imparting charm to the Olympic Games and Chinese art venues and catching the attention of the world.

At a time when the Chinese people rejoice at the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, CNSPAC, with the support of the the the Beijing Organising Committee for the Winter Games, undertook the mission of organising the 2022 Olympic Fine Arts. CNSPAC, as always, will shoulder the responsibility, live up to expectations and win glory once again for China. More than 800 elaborate works of art exhibited today represent the highest acme of contemporary art in China and the world at large. It is the concerted effort of artists, organisers and supporters that unfolds a new, glorious chapter in the history of Olympic art.

CAI Wu, the director of the Organising Committee of the Olympic Fine Arts 2022 and the former minister of the former Ministry of Culture said, “Olympic Fine Arts 2022 brings honor to China and epitomizes the glory and magnificence of fine arts in the history of the Olympic Games and Olympic art. The passage of time will only polish the exhibits and turn them into treasures of the art world”.

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