Michael F Rohr Of Rohr Artistry Launches the TOPSY TURVY TREEHOUSE TOKEN NFT Collection

January 31 13:18 2022
Talented children’s books author and blockchain enthusiast, Michael F Rohr, releases The TOPSY TURVY TREEHOUSE TOKEN, a new NFT collection inspired by the love of treehouses

Michael F Rohr has taken another giant stride towards using his talent to create timeless pieces as the children’s author known for books like A Monkey Christmas and Cowboy Monkey Talks Fluff recently released a new NFT collection. Titled The TOPSY TURVY TREEHOUSE TOKEN (TTTT), the collection of 1555 unique pieces was born out of pure insanity, deep love of treehouses, and all things upside down.

I love to celebrate the unusual, unique, and crazy! Who does not love a good treehouse and who has not played in one as a child! But what if they were all UPSIDE DOWN? In case you don’t know – A treehouse is a small building, structure, or shelter built among the branches of a tree. They are generally used for children to play in, however, it would be fantastic to find one big enough to live in! Please enjoy and discover my 1555 (astrologically significant number) collection of Topsy Turvy Treehouse Tokens,” said Michael F Rohr.

The global NFT market has undoubtedly taken the digital economy by storm, practically exploding to become one of the biggest things in the virtual space. There has been a steady increase in the demand for non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs in recent times, with creators emerging from different parts of the world and across professionals to take advantage of the increasing popularity of the concept. A recent report stated that the market witnessed transactions worth over $338.04 million in 2020, a significant growth from the $40.96 million in 2018. However, Michael F Rohr of Rohr Artistry seeks to take the experience a notch higher as he continues to drop mind-blowing NFTs as substantiated by the recently launched TOPSY TURVY TREEHOUSE TOKEN.

The collection, which is currently available on Opensea, is particularly unique as Michael takes holders on a trip down memory lane, helping them to reminisce about their childhood, climbing trees, and building treehouses. The NFT creator collaborated with SATOSHISTUDIO_ to create the rare pieces, as Michael continues to show his creativity and ingenuity in the NFT world.

Other collections from Rohr Artistry include Jellyfish Rohr and Skye The Grey Hound, all enjoying amazing reception worldwide.

For more information about Michael Rohr and his works, visit – https://linktr.ee/MichaelRohrOfficial.

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