Woman-Owned Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows Launches Products for Home and Travel

January 31 13:06 2022
This company provides high-quality buckwheat pillows for a good night’s sleep and more.

These days, having a good night’s sleep is next to impossible. Everyday stresses combined with the anxiety from COVID-19 can disturb anyone’s sleeping pattern. Add to that the challenges coming from remote work. Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows knows all these insomnia problems too well. To help bring quality pillow products to the market, the company introduces its brand of buckwheat pillows for the bed, the neck, and the floor. The buckwheat seed or hulls from its pillows are sourced from US-grown, washed, and milled buckwheat plants. The hulls are also certified 100% organic, clean, and chemical-free.

Buckwheat pillow, or Sobakawa in Japanese, is a springy but firm type of pillow that conforms to the shape of one’s head and neck. The Japanese people discovered its sleep-inducing capabilities 600 years ago. Buckwheat pillows make a comeback as more people today embrace wellness-related rituals and routines.

Buckwheat hulls are the outer cases of buckwheat seeds that are left behind after the milling process. They’re tiny, brown husks that are hard and light. Some may imagine them looking like tiny cartoon ant helmets. Its springy feature provides loftiness and support to Addicted To Sleep’s dreamy pillows. They last about 10 years before they need replacing, giving that long-lasting durability that shoppers are looking for.

Medical experts consider buckwheat pillows as heat-resistant. They’re a good alternative to pillow materials such as cotton, latex, and feather. It’s also customizable as its user can add or remove hulls to create a firmer or softer buckwheat pillow depending on his or her preference.

For its founder, Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows is the answer to people who want a practically perfect brand of buckwheat pillows. The pillow’s material is made from all-natural cotton twill that’s extra thick. Its pillow features a super-smooth invisible zipper and offers a tube of extra organic hulls for customizable and peaceful sleep. All its pillows also come with a sleek black tote bag with a soft cotton rope handle so users can bring the pillows anywhere they want to.

Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows offers small, medium, large, and extra-large buckwheat pillows. The bed pillows are ideal in providing customized support; the neck pillow for travel or the outdoors; and the floor pillow’s great for sitting while playing video games, having a remote conference call, or binge-watching movies or TV series.

Feedback for the brand endorsed its quality and functionality. A buckwheat travel pillow user said, “I travel a lot — work trips, family trips, and holiday travel. I have had all those stupid airport impulse-purchase pillows that look cute and that’s it. Just fluff. Constant fussing. When I tried the Addicted to Sleep pillow, I could finally fall asleep! Supportive with an awesome and convenient rope travel bag. Honestly, best thing ever.”

The company’s competitive pricing makes up for the sturdiness, comfort, and flexibility of having and using its buckwheat pillows.

Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows also offers cotton sticks and nose picks apart from the extra organic hulls it offers. To browse, shop, and order buckwheat pillows, visit https://www.AddictedToSleep.com.

About Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows

Addicted To Sleep Buckwheat Pillows is the creator of premium, high-quality bed, neck, and floor buckwheat pillows in the market. Its buckwheat hulls are grown and sourced from US farms and certified organic. Its pillows are customizable, incredibly supportive, and woven from only the highest quality, dye-free, natural cotton. No cutting corners. Each of its products meets with its founder’s highest, life-tested standards. Its goal is to provide sleepless individuals with the best night’s sleep so they can be the best version of themselves.

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