The new trend: buying handwritten youtube comments to naturally increase video’s engagement

January 30 09:10 2022
The new trend: buying handwritten youtube comments to naturally increase video’s engagement

While maintaining competitive prices and proven strategies, some platforms such as lenos can bring phenomenal services to help creators scale their YouTube channels. In this specific case, we are talking about YouTube comments, but done in the right and organic way. Hence, fully manually.

With the recent boom in the number of creators, it has become tricky for emerging channels to get the desired engagement on their YouTube channel. While the content does dictate the success of an emerging channel, creators now need something more to kick start their YouTube career and get positive feedback for their videos. 


Authentic platforms like Lenos Tube are committed to helping these creators establish their brand by providing manually written comments from unique devices and locations. Clients can easily access emoji options, genres, and free likes while enjoying this service. This platform further allows creators to develop custom service packages that fit their channel requirements perfectly, to create and scale organic youtube comments campaigns. 

With that said, Lenos Tube has indeed made it simple and safe for emerging creators to get their work recognized by millions of potential viewers and to get positive, influential feedback on their video. Another great thing that we can notice about Lenos Tube, and which differentiates this agency from the competition, is that they modify viewer comments to match the channel demographic and nice. So, creators don’t have to worry about massive proportion of males to females which may be non-relevant to a particular niche. 

The service packages start from as little as 0.1$ per comment, and customers can easily create custom plans for their channels. To learn more about the manually written comment service from Lenos Tube, you should visit their official website.

About “Lenos Tube”

Lenos Tube is an online platform helping creators get better engagement through real comments, views, and likes. The amazing team working at Lenos Tube recognizes how challenging it can be for creators to get the desired engagement on their channels. So, Lenos Tube goes the extra mile to guarantee quick and authentic comments. There are no unpleasant surprises for customers, and thousands of creators rely on this service provider for scaling their channels.

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