Shiny Inu launches the exclusive NFT project for its valuable investors and the public

January 29 07:42 2022
Shiny Inu was created to assist the cryptocurrency holder by helping create easy-to-access. It enables them to understand information about the cryptocurrency space. Shiny Inu also has an NFT project for its holders and the public.

The world is transforming into a digital hub with each passing day. With digitalization, cryptocurrency has also become the newest investment model in the finance sector. Therefore, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of investing in cryptocurrency, so the team of experts have developed an exclusive crypto platform named Shiny Inu. 

Shiny Inu was created to become a practical swapping token between top BEP20 tokens while providing incentives for holding the token by having a 3% tax per transaction. 1% of every transaction goes to the holders. At the same time, the other 2% of the tax is sent to an automatic liquidity pool to ensure that ShinyInu is always available to swap. 

ShinyInu will provide other tokens on the BNB network an excellent option for their token to have easy access to swapping options between their token and primary BEP20 tokens when they add liquidity between their token and ShinyInu.

Moreover, the proficient platform rewards holders and facilitates public knowledge of crypto Shiny Inu, a community-driven token. Only 50 million Shiny Inu tokens will ever be minted, effectively making Shiny Inu the rarest of all the Inu coins. It is created to decentralized exchange match many popular coins and become an effective swapping option on the BEP network.

In a recent development, Shiny Inu is all set to release the ShinySwap. The decentralized exchange powered by Shiny Inu is expected to release on 1/30/2022 on the platform of ShinySwap.Finance. The expert minds behind the exclusive Shiny Inu have been created to assist the cryptocurrency holder by creating an easy-to-use and understand exchange with ZERO fees.

About Shiny Swap:

It is a project of the Shiny Inu Token, and the official Shiny Inu website is Shiny Inu also has an NFT project for its holders and the public. It is aimed to reward holders and assist in public knowledge of crypto; Shiny Inu is a community-driven token. The token address for Shiny Inu is 0xc85f212ef60a3c1ffab00f64c953e9e89878334e Shiny Inu.

Potential users must visit the official website for more information. To connect with the community, join Discord and Reddit.

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