MicroCool Celebrates its 40th Anniversary Leading the Adiabatic Cooling and Humidification Industry

January 28 22:45 2022
MicroCool Celebrates its 40th Anniversary Leading the Adiabatic Cooling and Humidification Industry
MicroCool is dedicated to helping its clients achieve more, by optimizing production with the use of industry-leading solutions for humidification and cooling.

Specializing in adiabatic cooling and evaporative humidification solutions, MicroCool is proud to celebrate 40-years of innovation and service.

Since its inception in 1980, MicroCool has proven their capabilities through continuously developing and launching breakthrough solutions for industrial and commercial applications worldwide, earning their reputation as a leader in the cooling and humidification industry.

With perseverance and dedication, the company highlights their talents through innovative design and customized solutions for industries including horticulture, controlled environment agriculture, digital printing and press rooms, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, and aerospace. 

State of the Art Industrial Fog Humidification and Cooling Systems  

MicroCool is dedicated to helping its clients achieve more, by optimizing production with the use of industry-leading solutions for humidification and cooling. MicroCool has pioneered in-space, direct to room humidification systems. Backed by more than four decades of experience, the company’s custom systems are manufactured in the USA, and designed to exceed expectations. 

MicroCool Solutions 

Optimized Plant Growth: MicroCool’s fogging solutions can be seamlessly integrated with ventilation systems, climate computers and monitoring equipment. These solutions provide accurate zoning with reliable, consistent humidity and temperature control, fine-tuned to optimize plant growth. 

Humidity Control: Adding humidity improves product quality, enhancing growth rates and increasing yield. Stabilizing indoor humidity levels reduce the risks of static electricity (ESD) around sensitive electronics. MicroCool’s humidification systems are expertly designed to be both economical and easy to maintain, while precisely managing humidity. These systems are ideal for commercial spaces or industrial applications both large and small. 

Improved Air Quality: Be it for regulatory requirements or worker safety concerns, MicroCool’s fogging systems suppress dust and other airborne particulates in the environment, helping their customers avoid costly fines and environmental citations.

Process Cooling: Enhance large condenser performance and reduce energy costs with innovative cooling systems that can lower head pressure, while improving gains in output. Utilizing a fog nozzle matrix to flash evaporate water to efficiently extract heat and reduce temperatures by up to 30°F (18°C). These systems can improve efficiency and increase output of liquids being compressed.

Why MicroCool Solutions 

  • Energy-efficient solutions and systems that boost the bottom line 
  • Custom-tailored solutions designed to perfectly fit the client’s budget and goals
  • Use of pressurized water (not steam) 
  • Vertically integrated solutions (manufacturing and implementation) 
  • Intuitive controls to fine-tune results  
  • Reduced water use (as compared to spray and pad systems) 
  • Designed to extend equipment lifespan by reducing strain on condensers  
  • USA made 

About MicroCool Solutions

Founded in 1980, MicroCool quickly became a leading manufacturer of humidification, adiabatic cooling, and dust control systems for industrial applications across a broad range of industries including digital printing, material storage, SMT electronics manufacturing, greenhouse and indoor growing.

The company has led the charge by developing state of the art, high-pressure industrial fog humidification and cooling systems built to outperform the competition, reduce energy costs, prolong equipment life, improve yield and more. 

Those interested in learning more about MicroCool or its products are encouraged to reach out via its official website or by calling 1-800-322-4364. 

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