Screener Explains How Running a Background Check on Employees Works for Safety-Sensitive Roles

January 28 16:50 2022

While safety matters for all jobs, it is a greater priority for certain positions to ensure the well-being of the worker and those around them. CredentialCheck explains what is involved in running a background check on employees for these safety-sensitive positions.

“Safety-sensitive” covers a wide range of fields. However, a safety-sensitive job can be loosely defined as any position where the employee is directly responsible for the physical safety of others. In many cases, federal, state, or local regulations will designate certain jobs as safety-sensitive. Some examples include:

Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators, & Pilot

Police Officers & Security Personnel

Teachers & Childcare Providers

Medical Care Providers & Pharmacists

Nursing Home Employees


When the well-being of others is on the line, employers must be extra diligent in ensuring they hire the right candidates. First and foremost, the individual must be qualified to do the work they are hired to do. Screening for qualifications may include prior employment verification, education verification, and professional license validation, as well as checking professional references.

Background screening should also include a criminal background check for any criteria that disqualify an individual. Depending on the position, it may also be necessary to conduct a physical examination to determine whether the person is physically capable of meeting the demands of the job.

Drug testing also plays an important role in screening for safety-sensitive roles since performing these jobs while impaired could have disastrous consequences. For example, a 5-panel urine drug test is standard for any position regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, testing for marijuana (THC), cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). However, if an employer is not subject to specific regulations, they may develop their own drug-testing standards.

To learn more about employee background checks for safety-sensitive positions, call CredentialCheck at (888) 689-2000. A prospective client can find details about all their screening services on their website. The company is located in Troy, MI, and serves employees from across the country.

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