MappedSwap: US$6 billion locked funds to provide users up to 10x funds for margin trade

January 28 16:16 2022
Latest DeFI protocol provides a high liquidity and an attractive referral scheme built on the Eurus Economic Blockchain Network.

MappedSwap Protocol is a decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange built on Eurus Blockchain, with the largest liquidity and lowest slippage tolerance.

The protocol allows users to get up to 10x of funds to trade on its MappedSwap platform. Built on the Eurus Blockchain, a decentralized, open-source, and cross-chain network protocol which is interoperable with Ethereum. Eurus blockchain is based on Hyperledger technology, with leading cross-chain transaction speed on a flexible network. MappedSwap protocol aims to lower the threshold for new traders to enter Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and provides a user-friendly way of investment for new DeFi participants.

MappedSwap provides:

  • High capital efficiency, using financing tools to trade in DeFi protocols which give users up to 10 times of fund allocation, 
  • Secure and transparent transactions, through the use of smart contracts and logs that are registered on the Eurus Blockchain, 
  • Speedy transactions, which completes within 2 seconds, and most importantly, 
  • Liquidity of US$6 billion locked to fund transactions within the MappedSwap protocol.

MappedSwap charges the lowest trading fee of 0.3% compared to other major market players such as Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Sushiswap. Another attractive feature is that the slippage tolerance is less than 0.01% for 100,000 USD. However, MappedSwap charges hourly interest rates for every successful loan handed out, and payment of the interest charges is due before the principal amount of the borrowed asset. But, interest rates are not imposed on the trader before the hour ends. 

MappedSwap has an easy-to-use interface designed to assist new users and entry level crypto currency traders to get accustomed to the platform. Traders of MappedSwap will receive up to 80% of rebate fees inclusive of an attractive referral scheme, where the referred transaction fees are credited entirely to the trader as rebates.

To launch MappedSwap protocol, it is running an early bird promotion where users can stake and get 100% returns on a first come first served basis. A total threshold of 1 billion USD stake rewards is up for grabs across three token pools, wBTC, ETH and USDC, once these thresholds are reached, the early bird promotion ends.

MappedSwap Protocol is a decentralized, on-chain cross-margin trading swap exchange built on Eurus Blockchain, with the largest liquidity, lowest trading fee, and lowest slippage tolerance of less than 0.01%. It is an DApp that allows users to get up to 10x funds for margin trading of BTC, ETH and USDC. It also comes with a staking feature and referral mechanism that boast a rebate of up to 80%.

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