Strategic Partnership Between Genaro Network and HyperVerse – Crafting New Solutions for Decentralized Storage

January 28 15:40 2022
Strategic Partnership Between Genaro Network and HyperVerse - Crafting New Solutions for Decentralized Storage

The blockchain industry is booming. The potential for new applications like NFTs and metaverse is high, but they all seem to revolve around one common point – an emphasis on decentralized cloud storage to protect core data. 

Decentralized cloud storage is the key towards building a decentralized era without borders; a new world made possible without constraints. This has been an area that many enterprises are looking at, and one that Genaro Network has been making tremendous strides in. 

Genaro Network has now announced a brand-new partnership with HyperVerse, with the aim of accelerating the development of decentralized cloud storage within the blockchain industry. Both parties will work closely to develop a metaverse based on Web 3.0 technology, with crucial data being stored within Genaro Network. 

By providing HyperVerse with decentralized cloud storage solutions for its ecosystem, Genaro Network will provide a secure means of data storage for the hundreds of thousands of members within HyperVerse. This means that users will hold full custody over their own private data, without facing any risks of hacks or exploits. Since privacy remains a huge concern when it comes to NFT trading and DeFi services, this partnership will only serve to enhance the user experience.

Instead of being stored in a centralized platform, HyperVerse’s core applications will now be deployed on Genaro Network’s decentralized storage platform. This will ensure that the applications can operate within a trusted environment, making it harder for any malicious activities conducted by third-parties. 

At the same time, the partnership between Genaro Network and HyperVerse marks a new chapter in HyperVerse’s attempt to craft a complex and multi-functional metaverse. Genaro will provide a more secure and efficient cloud storage solution for crypto assets in the HyperVerse metaverse, greatly advancing its development.

More Details on the Partnership

The combination of Web 3.0 and the metaverse can bring about exciting possibilities – especially in the field of gaming, entertainment, socialisation, and more. The decentralized storage network provided by Genaro Network will fulfill the demand for data storage, especially with the high storage requirement of NFT assets, while ensuring the safety and efficiency of crypto assets stored within the HyperVerse metaverse. 

About Genaro Network

The Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro pioneered the combination of SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) to form a new consensus mechanism, ensuring stronger performance, better security, and more sustainable blockchain infrastructure. Genaro provides developers with a one-stop platform to deploy smart contracts and store the data needed by DApps simultaneously. Genaro Network’s mission is to ensure the secure migration of the core Internet infrastructure to the blockchain.

About HyperVerse

HyperVerse is committed to building on existing industry standards and breaking new grounds to create a metaverse based on Web 3.0, providing users from around the world with a decentralized platform to play and socialize.

In this multi-planet metaverse, users can connect with friends and experience different cultures and lifestyles. They can also mint NFT assets, and even start businesses while exploring the virtual universe. HyperVerse will give every inhabitant of the galaxy a fair chance to succeed, with holders of HVT tokens being given the rights to partake in community governance. 

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