Microbialtec Provides Plentiful Formulations for Large Scale Production of Pichia pastoris Cultivation

January 28 18:39 2022

New York, USA – January 28, 2022 – Microbialtec, the high-tech division of Creative Biogene whose mission focuses on providing an overall microbiological research program, including sample collection, preservation methods, preliminary experiments and effect evaluation, experiments and data analysis. With years of experience and an expert team, Microbialtec is dedicated to assisting researchers in exploring the hidden mysteries in microbes and making better use of microbial resources. Recently, Microbialtec announced the release of its pichia pastoris to accelerate microbial research.

Microbialtec offers a range of microbial growth media and custom services for specific applications as pichia culture requires a specially formulated growth medium for protein expression. There are mainly 5 kinds of commercial strains widely used at present, wild-type strains, malnutrition strains, protease-deficient strains, glycoengineered strains and other strains. Initially, a disadvantage of this protein expression system was the excessive glycosylation of high-density mannose structures. Notably, engineered Pichia pastoris have been able to secrete recombinant proteins with consistent human n-chain glycans. The use of transgenic Pasteur yeast broadens the use of microbial systems for antibody expression.

Microbialtec’s strategy uses a variety of anaerobic media for the cultivation of facultative anaerobic bacteria, focusing on microorganisms with specialized metabolic capabilities. Most isolated strains will grow on anaerobic, complex, nutrient-rich media. Autotrophic microorganisms or microorganisms capable of nitrogen fixation have also been cultured. Microbialtec’s professional team has also isolated and cultured some strictly anaerobic bacteria (Clostridium and Propionibacterium). The multi-assay culture method is the basis for the detection of several bacteria (Pseudomonas and Paenibacillus) that are not cultured in special environments.

Microbialtec has built a proven technology platform for culturing a wide variety of microorganisms that can be isolated from readily available sources. Further applications of Microbialtec’s proven method can be used to study anaerobic processes such as glycolysis and lactic acid fermentation.

“Microbialtec can be your one-stop microbiology solution. Our products and services cover all stages from microbial sample collection to testing and analysis,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “Our research covers areas such as healthcare, environment, agriculture and more. We are capable to streamline workflows with comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and high-quality publishable data delivery.”

About Microbialtec Platform

As a division of Creative Biogene, Microbialtec platform has an experienced technical team involving molecular biology, medicine, bioinformatics, statistical ecology. With 10 years of front-line scientific research experience, Creative Biogene supports customers with an overall microbiological research program and is capable to satisfy customized needs at affordable prices.

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