Kizzy McCray-Sheppard, Founder of Limitless Possibilities Now, LLC, Empowers Others to Unlock Their Limitless Potential

January 28 18:24 2022
Kizzy McCray-Sheppard, Founder of Limitless Possibilities Now, LLC, Empowers Others to Unlock Their Limitless Potential

The accurate measure of selflessness and ingenuity is living a life in service of others, being a lighthouse guiding the path of others while encouraging them to live out their dreams and aspirations. One individual that embodies this value of selflessness is Kizzy McCray-Sheppard, a devoted woman of God, a wife, mother, speaker, coach, best-selling author, and founder of Limitless Possibilities Now, LLC. 

Kizzy McCray-Sheppard is a visionary leader who spent some of the best years of her life serving in the United States Air Force. Her unwavering commitment to her country and its people remains steadfast. She continues her mission to help others focus on self-care and become the best version of themselves through her work as a mentor and nurse practitioner. 

Kizzy believes in planting seeds of knowledge into every person she encounters while creating a legacy of love and inspiration. One of her most significant sources of happiness is encouraging others to live a life without limits, which inspired her to expand her God-given talent as a transformational speaker and coach. 

She founded Limitless Possibilities Now, LLC, where she teaches professionals and women how to reduce burden by integrating self-care practices into their lives. Her presentations and coaching courses are designed to inspire one to live limitlessly, to create balance in business, parenting, and health, all while harmoniously maintaining joy in marriage.

Her commitment to helping other professionals stems from her personal experience. “I was at a point where I was so stressed that I didn’t listen to my body, and I almost lost my life. As a healthcare professional, I was running on fumes and needed a strategic plan to use the tools readily available in my treasure chest effectively. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the resources I needed; therefore, I created it for others like myself,” she shared. 

Aptly named “Limitlessly You Master Plans,” this unique master plan is designed to help professionals and women believe, think, and embrace that they were born limitless in every area of their lives, including relationships, family, and career, finances, spirituality, and in business. “Whether you’re on a journey to discovering your limitless potential or trying to figure it all out, now is the time to cultivate a mindset and lifestyle of seizing Limitless Possibilities Now! Opportunities don’t always knock; life doesn’t wait, and neither should you. I’m here to help you think, believe, and accept that you were born to Be Limitless! So when you’re ready to remove the limits, I’m excited and equipped to help you reach your limitless potential,” she explained.

In addition to her outstanding work as a mentor, Kizzy McCray-Sheppard is also a sought-after talk show podcast guest and author. She has delivered keynotes for the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour and the Comeback Champion Summit 2021. In November 2021, she debuted her solo literary project “Be Limitless: Trusting God’s Plan” which is available in every book store. Tune in weekly as she and her husband host Jesus and Coffee chat on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. est., on Facebook, where they have honest dialogue with their viewers tackling real world problems. 

Many applaud her altruism, and she has appeared in many notable publications, including NY Weekly, CEO Weekly, ABC, NBC, and Fox News. Limitless Possibilities Now and Kizzy McCray-Sheppard (Limitless Thought Leader) will be a household name in the coming years. The visionary leader aims to create a limitless culture, where clients benefit from the mindset shift from limited to LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES NOW.  “Life is not easy, but with the right tools, professionals and women alike will be able to maintain a limitless supply of faith and tenacity. Remember, only the sky has limits—not you!” she shares.

To learn more about Kizzy McCray-Sheppard and the Limitless Possibilities Now, LLC. Visit the company’s official website.

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