The Inside Look of Linkface and TACTRACER among 6 winners of the Innovation Award

January 28 17:33 2022
From AI powered pet-care to Smart Inventory Management System, the 6 companies supported by the Korean Institute of Startup Development & Entrepreneurship lead their field in innovation

Linkface is a company that develops biosignal sensors and wearable devices.

The company has received the CES Innovation Award in excellent design and technology for three consecutive years for three different products: Safe Listening for Kids “Dear” in 2020, Breathing and heart activity Monitoring Wearable “BioNectband” in 2021, and Humidity Control Ear-Care Solution “DearBuds” in 2022.

Wearing earphones for a long time can block the airflow and ears. It blocks ventilation and shoots up the humidity levels, which is what ultimately fosters an environment for fungal and bacterial infection in ears. Over time, it leads to itchy ear canals and even pain in some cases. It also leads to a jump in earwax — the nasty brown stuff can be found on the tip of the earphones.

DearBuds is an ear-care solution that intelligently manages the humidity of ears. It can circulate 10L of air to dehumidify ears in 3 minutes and also can get rid of the muggy feeling from prolonged earphone & hearing aid usage!

TACTRACER is a disruptive solution provider mainly on inventory automation technology for stores and warehouses. The key product is “SPIDER-GO,” which boasts not only its unique operation and versatility but also with an affordable installation cost and time.

SPIDER-GO has already been receiving a intensive domestic and global attention and more information can be found on the website “TACTRACER”.

Moving vertically or horizontally autonomously on the driving rail that is installed along the racks or display shelves of the warehouses or retail stores or convenience stores, and it can be operated more than 5 hours with 20 minutes of fast recharging operation. This system can scan the barcode and letters on product labels and detect the misplacement of goods through the vision camera and in addition, investigate the deficiency rate through the LiDAR sensor-based 3D scanning function. In the meantime, RFID can be recognized if RF antenna is installed selectively.

In addition to the inventory management function, product search, product information, discount event inquiry and remote communication with the customer center through the voice and display touch recognition function, and the product advertisement and discount event video can be transmitted as well during the movement of the system. System also can move up rapidly while it is moving down vertically and avoid the collision accident when it detects the approach of shopping cart or persons. Collected inventory information can be shared with the supplier company on a real time basis through the server which makes the suitable inventory management available as well.

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