From Realtor to Investor: A Guide on How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate By Derek Fleming

January 28 10:40 2022

Derek Fleming released his latest book, From Realtor to Investor: A Guide on How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate, a guide for both new and seasoned real estate investor. Sharing his own investment journey, Derek gives you the benefit of his years of investing experience in commercial real estate. 

“I know the benefits of real estate investing, including the ability to create passive income streams. Not every real estate investor is looking to be a landlord with residential tenants. This book is a practical guide for real estate investors who want to take the leap from investing and owning residential real estate to commercial real estate,” said Mr. Fleming. 

With clear and detailed chapters, Derek outlines how to evaluate commercial real estate deals, what you need to be aware of regarding the local market, and how to build a support team that can assist you in building and maintaining your portfolio. From Realtor to Investor also shows you how to present an offer and what due diligence includes for commercial real estate. 

“Many investors feel comfortable with residential real estate because the numbers seem more manageable. I want people to understand that financing commercial real estate is not that complicated and that there are financial benefits that come with moving into commercial real estate,” said Mr. Fleming. 

From Realtor to Investor: A Guide on How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate includes practical advice on how to be prepared for the bank or lender, thus increasing your chances of getting financed. Derek also clearly outlines the different formulas and ratios you should be familiar with as you build your commercial real estate portfolio. 

He also points out that commercial real estate is not necessarily better than residential real estate, but it does have unique benefits that can be appealing to investors looking for long-term income streams. “If you are a residential landlord, you will be spending more time in hands-on activities, such as maintenance, repairs, and finding tenants. Commercial real estate offers longer leases, thus reducing the amount of time you spend looking for tenants. Plus, this type of real estate can be significantly less hands-on, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your portfolio and have more freedom with your time,” said Mr. Fleming. 

Derek Fleming currently lives in Puerto Rico, where he continues to build his portfolio and assist others in learning how to invest in commercial real estate. 

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