MetaCribs: Emerging as a multiplayer real estate-themed virtual metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain.

January 28 08:44 2022
MetaCribs: Emerging as a multiplayer real estate-themed virtual metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Users will be allowed to buy and sell their digital real estate, thus setting a new market standard.

A lot has been said about how executives in different spaces have taken the next step over the last several months by building scalable online businesses since the Covid-19 outbreak. The digital financial sector has been specifically on the rise recently, with the onset of countless crypto startups, NFT projects, and more. A project that has come into notice lately for its innovative approach towards real estate is the crypto startup Metacribs, co-founded by Ivan Chernyak (CEO) and Arthur Caravellas (CMO). The startup is currently headquartered in Miami, Florida, with Mr. Chernyak being born in Ukraine, and Mr. Caravellas being from Brazil, respectively. They are bringing MetaCribs to life with the aim to drastically improve the digital financial sector, which they claim currently lacks utility, and with the promise of allowing users to own their dream home for a fraction of the price, removing major barriers created by the real-life real estate and its major players, this upcoming project seems incredibly promising to say the least. 

MetaCribs has already been making a lot of headlines lately for its incredible opportunity to enable users to buy and sell digital real estate within their virtual city. In Metatropolis, players will have the ability to develop land, exchange houses, hotels, and apartment complexes, while at the same time being able to monetize their assets like they would in the physical world. Two tokens will drive the MetaCribs economy – LAND, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) created to define the ownership of land parcels representing digital property allocations within the Metatropolis and $METAC, a cryptocurrency that facilitates purchases of LAND, as well as virtual goods and services used in MetaCribs. People will be able to make passive income on their digital properties thanks to NFT staking, and Web 3 users will be able to freely innovate and build creative spaces on their land pieces, hotels, houses and apartment complexes, etc. while providing real-life utility to investors.

With MetaCribs, users will have access to practically all of the project’s utilities on their native website ( after the project is fully developed. They will be able to exchange land plots, find web 3 developers that can build their virtual properties, and buy the $METAC token, which will be the circulating currency of the ecosystem. After being questioned on why they chose to work on this project, the founders stated that they aim to become a household name in the crypto space, by attracting both novaces to cryptocurrencies, as well as people that have been in this space for years. “Everyone is looking at their dream homes online — now you’ll actually be able to own one,” says CEO Ivan Chernyak. MetaCribs seems ready to become a major player in this digital revolution, and truly shake up this space for good. 

To learn more about MetaCribs, follow their Instagram (@meta.cribs).

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