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January 28 01:06 2022
Botree Goods Store has launched a campaign to make people aware of the camping gear they should have in their home in case of an emergency.

One of the rising stars in online stores has launched an important campaign. Botree Goods Store which sells everything from accessories, kid’s products, to camping & hiking accessories has launched a campaign to help people understand what camping gear they should have in their home emergency kit.

The online store ( thought with the recent pandemic and natural disasters that it is important for people to be aware they should have an emergency home kit.  Botree Goods Store who has announced they are offering a 10% discount on customers’ first orders has gained a reputation for putting their customers first. That is why they launch awareness campaigns and why they sell their products at the lowest possible price.

Here are the essentials that people should have in their home emergency kit

Matches & Lighters

Matches and lighters are essential items to have in a home emergency kit. They can be used to light a candle or a stove as a way of cooking and keeping warm. (

Emergency Sleeping Bag

An emergency sleeping bag ( is an essential item to have in a home emergency kit. When the heating has broken down, a sleeping bag can keep people warm. It is also recommended to keep an emergency sleeping bag in a vehicle in case it breaks down

3-Way LED Emergency Tool

This accessory can provide light when the electricity is not working. It is a great product to have in an emergency kit for the home and the car. (

First Aid Kit

It is important to always keep a first aid kit in an emergency home kit as well as in a vehicle.

The online store that provides a guarantee on all their products and sells them at their lowest prices have lots of essential products that can be used for an emergency home kit (

Botree Goods Store continues to update its stock to provide customers with high-quality products. All products come with a full guarantee and include a fast-shipping service. They sell everything from gadgets, sports and fitness accessories to kid’s products.

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