I Like to Dabble is teaching people how to dabble their way to success and financial freedom with their free side hustle resource platform

January 28 00:42 2022
From back-to-back layoffs to a side hustle digital empire, Daniella Flores is showing people that it is possible to take control of their financial lives.

It’s time to shed the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, crippling debts, and never having enough money for essential things. Most people struggle with finances and work multiple jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t until Daniella Flores discovered how they could hack side hustling that they realized they could take back control of their life, and eventually leave hustle culture behind. Daniella Flores, the founder of I Like to Dabble, is a software engineer, serial side hustler, and entrepreneur. Side hustles helped Daniella and their wife pay off $40,000 of debt, move across the country, and become location independent – meaning they can work from anywhere. The idea of financial freedom is dangled in front of people like a carrot, but most people live their lives without ever getting out of debt.

I Like to Dabble started as an experiment for Daniella after facing back-to-back layoffs in 2017. They were looking for a creative outlet to cope with the work trauma at that time, so they started a blog that eventually became what I Like to Dabble is today, a free side hustle resource platform for that anyone can go on to search for the resources they need. Within four years, Daniella went from no income to 12 income streams through their exploration of side hustles, freelancing, building passive income streams, and helping others do the same. Like any other business, a lot of trial and error went into establishing their new career path.

I Like to Dabble is one of the top resource websites for side hustlers. It has been featured in TIME, Slate, Business Insider, MSN, CNBC, and more. Daniella is also a Grow contributor and two-time Plutus Awards winner. They believe that no one should have to do 1 thing for the rest of their lives, be tied to a desk while doing it, nor accept the discrimination and toxic workplace behavior so many have to endure just to “make a living”. Their mission is to shine the light on the possibilities out there for people to create money with their creative energy and gain back more control in their lives because of it.

Daniella also points out that with side hustles, people have more control over their work hours, therefore, they get to live a more balanced life and prevent burnout. I Like to Dabble helps hustlers find those resources on how to actually get started exploring those other options including resources specifically for creatives and LGBTQ+ folks, to find their ideal side hustles to escape toxic workplaces and the grueling struggle of never making enough money.

“I created the platform from a need I saw in the online space where so many websites were gatekeeping useful side hustle information that everyone should have free access to. We don’t believe in gatekeeping through manipulative ‘hustle bro’ culture.” Daniella also adds, “here at ILTD, we don’t hustle, we dabble. Dabbling brings excitement in experimentation and gives your energy the freedom to create amazing things.” Daniella is also leveraging TikTok and other social media platforms to educate people on the benefits of side hustles, how to find the right ones, and how to use them to create a future of financial freedom. I Like to Dabble is a company built on the belief that this kind of knowledge should be accessible for all. With access to financial resources on various ways to generate income, creating a better financial foundation becomes easier, especially in the LGBTQ+ community.

Besides guiding people through side dabbling, I Like to Dabble also shows people how to explore new skills, build on existing ones, raise their income at their current job or current career, and how to make their money work for them. Empowering people with both business education and financial information will help them get started in the right direction sooner towards their ideal life. Daniella explains that it is not just about making money; it is also learning how to make that money work towards helping people reclaim their time back and ultimately their lives and future.

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