Nutroz to the rescue: Revolutionary patent-pending technology creates Ozone which kills odors at their source

January 28 00:21 2022
Revolutionary, portable and easy-to-use Nutroz ozone unit provides a convenient deodorizer on the go that removes stubborn smells and kills odors.

Nothing is as uncomfortable as having to deal with unpleasant odors. This is, however, an unavoidable part of running a household – with pets, sportswear and sports equipment, kids’ toys, socks, shoes, and so much more. Therefore, there is a need for a quick and efficient solution. Nutroz steps in to save the day with its patent-pending ozone odor removing unit.

Nutroz was established by a group of entrepreneurial engineers who identified a recurrent problem and set out to find a solution to it. Their mission was to remove odor, refresh, rejuvenate and extend the life of household items and sports gear. Their research into the problem and possible solutions uncovered the lack of a smart alternative that is liquid, detergent, and chemical-free. Nutroz was born soon after as a sustainable, innovative solution that will deodorize and refresh without needing heat, liquids, or aerosols. “Our innovative technology has been rigorously engineered and tested and is proudly made in North America.”

With sports gear and other items in the household, cleaning is never enough to chase away smells resulting from sweat and odor-causing bacteria. Using Nutroz patent-pending technology, people can deodorize their belongings without soaking or scrubbing. The technology utilizes ozone which essentially is activated oxygen. Through oxidation, the odor removal unit kills odor-causing bacteria without the need for traditional laundering. “We use the benefits of ozone to deodorize and remove 99% of E.Coli and 90% of  S. Aureus (1.) in the items around your home.”

To achieve a clean home using traditional cleaning methods, people have to incur high hydro and energy bills and contribute to ocean pollution. To cut all this out, Nutroz offers a sustainable solution. “Saves time, money, and resources through reduced water and power consumption. Less waste too. Which makes you pretty smart and your life even simpler.” 

The Nutroz ozone unit is a portable home appliance that can be easily brought on trips and moved around the house. It only utilizes 25 watts of power which is quite efficient compared to the 500 watts and 19 gallons of water for an average wash cycle. Built to last, Nutroz is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee with an available extended-warranty.

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